The Essential Pack for LG G4 Exists and Is Free, But Only in United States

We must recognize that from time to time LG knows how to make good promotions of their products. For example that when they put the G3 for sale and, incidentally, gave a Watch G. These days, taking advantage of the arrival of the LG G4, the company wants to seduce new buyers. How? With new promotions, clear.

Well, the promotion that LG has launched today is not as aggressive as that of the G3 in Spain, but very interesting. Temporarily and with limited availability, LG will give an extra battery, a 32 GB microSD and a charging cradle for all buyers of the G4. Evil, that this promotion only adheres to United States.

The pack, worth – according to LG – 105 dollars will be sent to all those buyers of the LG G4 which adhere to the promotion from today, May 22, and until June 21.

The need to differentiate

Promotions are starting to be very common among manufacturers as a gimmick to attract new customers. In the case of LG is of the G4 to United States as those of the G3 in Spain are interesting and allow the company to differentiate.

But it is not the only company that makes these campaigns, of course. Nokia and Microsoft they have also put in place some promotions that gave away external batteries, accessories NFC, covers or even with some of their Lumia bluetooth speakers. It is not uncommon to see, especially in physical distributors, packs of a smartphone with various accessories at discounted prices or even free.

It’s about punctual promotions, often limited to a single supplier and available for a short time. A marketing tool that fanning through social networks, and that sometimes requires a change in the purchase decision for many. If it’s free, why not?

But eye, not always ‘you enter’ promotion

In this type of promotions – good, let’s be honest: all – is important not, key to read the conditions. That fine print that often overlooked.

Eyeballing him to these documents we realize the details. For example, these developments tend to be tight to a certain profile of dealer, so if you don’t buy the terminal in one of them, you can not make use of the offer.

The most common error is, for example in the case of a mobile phone, available over the Internet in a foreign Distributor and then the promotion is only directed to stores nationwide. The terms of use, but they are often heavy, must be complied with by both parties.