“The Curve It Will Change Everything”, Interview to Enrique Santamaria (LG)

The LG G Flex 2 is, of time and lack of LG G4, the big news of LG in what smartphones refers to this year. On it, bend over and above the general strategy of LG in the mobile telephony market we have been able to speak during the last MWC with Enrique Santamaría, director marketing Mobile Division of LG in Spain.

Why do a curved mobile? To Enrique Santamaría, it is the logic of Smartphone evolution if we take into account how phones have been since its inception. “If you look back, all phones, including mobile first which were for military use, were curved. Home phone was curved, it conformed to the shape of your face,”explains, sentencing that “it is natural” and that, in the end, “the curve will change everything”.

Medium/high range… do G4?

And the LG G4? Did not expect LG to bring surprises in its high-end at MWC this year, and it was, but Santamaria confirmed us what we expect: arrive “in the second half of the year”. When exactly? There already it did not want to say more, except that “the second half of the year begins from June”. We will watch.

“In the second half of the year will be our LG G4 in our inventory”

What if carried to the MWC has been its bet on the middle range, new as we noted in the interview, It will not be easy against its own LG G2: all a high range of a couple of years now, with a substantial reduction in the price, it is a terminal very attractive for those looking for something powerful without going to the high current range.

From LG still insist on go for the mid-range, with a super “mid-range” according to Enrique Santamaría, who also says that is a “mid-range advanced” oriented to a “more demanding audience who wants to best finishes, better quality of processors and better quality of camera”, with 4G connectivity in addition.

We take also to ask questions about the topic of Android updates, what Santamaria presumed “a radical change” and have been, with the LG G3, of the first to allow the update to Android 5.0: “the consumer is much more happy with LG what happened three or four years ago”.