the Collection of Dresses Ford

A collection created by the best designers, organic cotton 100%, available from September in a limited edition

To celebrate 50 years of Mustang, Ford has chosen to create a fashion collection designed by the best top designers in the world. Are five design studios that have worked with the American company to achieve the collection Mustang Unleashed, a limited edition clothing line inspired by the Blue Oval. Thus was born a team of designers and innovators who helped create something unique and inimitable, as only Ford knows Faret Among these Anna Sui, Paula Cademartori, Rogan Gregory and Scott Mackinlay Hahn-Rogan, Tomaso Anfossi and Francesco Ferrari CO | TE, Pamela Love.

The line, in limited edition, will be distributed from September on e-store at It is fifteen Heads, organic, sustainable and above all innovative. Every clothing of Mustang Unleashed collection is in fact made with 100% organic cotton and is produced in the US by Loomstate, the textile leading company worldwide for environmental responsibility, thanks to sustainable production models and active support in the development of local communities. Mustang Unleashed thus combines quality and innovation, starting from t-shirt casual and rock design with U / V neck and asymmetrical side seams and men’s sweaters crew-neck in the traditional style of Loomstate.

To create this collection the designers were inspired by the spirit of Mustang, a name that invokes emotions and passions, but also a sophisticated style and unique, each performer’s personality and the style of the artist who has designed and created. Anna Sui for example, blends the latest trends with elements vintage, creating timeless clothes inspired by the idea of freedom of the Mustang.

The designer Paula Cademartori instead has focused on colors and maxi dresses of Psyknowhow, with a touch of glamor, while CO | TE, by Tomaso Anfossi and Francesco Ferrari, has reinterpreted the classic style of Mustang making it contemporary. What about instead of Rogan, who put this collection in its minimalist style, with showy spectacular asymmetries that look at the hi-tech style Ford?Finally Pamela Love was inspired by American pop culture and the idea of progress, making the horse symbol of freedom, strength and power. And you?Which style suits you best?


Anna Sui was born in Detroit so it is particularly close to the Ford Mustang and the world. Other than the history of the known Paula Cademartori, Italo-Brazilian origin, moved to Milan in 2005 to complete his studies and is now considered by Vogue Italy one of the most interesting emerging talents. Always tricolor brand  CO | TE, while back in the United States, specifically in New York, which gave birth to the study Rogan and Pamela Love, who began his career in 2006 as a jewelry designer.