The Big Family

Split a 61 m² apartment for five people live in comfort may not be an easy task.We must take advantage of every corner in order to make the space as cozy as possible. To handle this challenge, São Paulo interior designer Aline Forjaz knew if use of practical materials and clean décor. All the home received neutral colors in shades of furniture and walls, as well as joinery designed to enable a good circulation. Learn with Aline the main tricks to make more comfortable the day to day problems of members of this great family.

The ease in maintenance was one of the points of greatest concern to the architect. For this, she used a porcelain stoneware reproducing wood, uniting the warmth of the material to the practicality of the coating.

The nylon mat is designed by Aline. She proposed irregular stripes thinner with more sober colors in shades of purple and beige. The purple created the harmony to match the pink pads, giving a relaxed atmosphere, and at the same time take, for the room.

Dinner area received vinyl wallpaper with linen appearance. This created a cozy feel to the space thanks to the reproduction of the fabric. One of the gimmicks used to decrease the incidence of Sun in the living room was rolôs curtains made of fiberglass and PVC. They allow the interaction with the external side, at the same time protecting from sunrays. Front linen curtain serves to create a more welcoming atmosphere.

Whenever possible, it is interesting to use all the space available to receive the guests more comfortable. This solution came with the pouf engaged in niche rack MDF coated with melamine laminated. When necessary, he goes to the middle of the room so that it can be used.

The square format of the table was chosen to bring modernity to the environment. “But as it is a small space, pulled over a side on the wall. Thus, we have six places with good circulation because the central base way who sits “, believes the professional.

The kitchen countertop has two hinged cabinets: one on top and one underneath. The top compartment opens upward and the lower, down (no drawers). The use of space makes it possible to store utensils that support the use of the countertop, as fast-food dishes, napkins and accessories.
To improve circulation, the appliances were embedded in the standard MDF Cabinet Gris, causing the mobile and the space within the kitchen were better used. As the slogan was the practicality, even at the time of cleaning, Aline Forjaz opted for a fendi dark coloured porcelain stoneware. “Not used neither the white nor black because both can show more dirt”.

The bathroom of the House gained more social grace with wall stickers on the glass. The intervention came on the part of the daughters and left the custom and cheerful space. The rest followed the pattern of decoration House, with neutral coats.

The room of the two girls is small to accommodate the beds, the closet and the countertop. The solution was a bunk bed that had to be adapted because I don’t like the mother one of them sleeping too close to the ground.

The architect opted for black in the details and finishes to make the male child’s room environment without it meaning leave space loaded. Rolô curtain, black also gives transparency and brings lightness thanks to the solar screen.

A MDF frame circulates all over the side of the bed in a height of 40 cm. The plate protects the wall of our body’s natural sweat (that old wall blackened).

The master bedroom was bem-aproveitado with closets on the side, following the curve of the wall, passing down the Hall towards the bathroom door of suite.

Aline seized the area under the window to design a shoe rack. Shallow and low, not enough furniture to disrupt circulation and the couple sleeps in the room enjoy the entire space.