The Best Cooler for Camping

Need to know what is the best cooler ?

coolers are many, but guess where you need it can be a challenge.

Not the same refrigerator for a day at the beach to go on holiday with your tent.

Before buying the fridge you need, think about whether you’ll use only with drinks or also food and if you need it to stay cold or if you want that cool as a home and do not forget to be clear for how many people!

It is imperative that easy to carry, comfortable and adequate size for our vehicle. And ideally that has connection to 12V and 220-230V thus we use when we go up in the car and connect the mains when we get to camping.

There is something for all budgets from thermoelectric coolers that keep the temperature -18 degrees below room temperature, as this cooler for camping with capacity of 30 and 38 liters.

Now there is also a new hybrid technology during running operatively connected to the burner to 12V with thermo-electric cooling system capable of up to 20 ° below room temperature. While connected to 230V works like a home refrigerator or freezer compressor as -15º below zero!