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The security cameras are part of our present, and without a doubt they have become a necessity. We know how important that is for you to keep your family and loved ones protected, with better quality security systems. There are millions of products on the market, ensuring the best quality and performance, but the reality is that the best option is to get a security system that fits the needs and lifestyle of you and yours, but how do we know that security camera suits me?

The first step is to choose the areas in your home that require protection, or more interested in monitoring. After that, we start to choose a package that best fits your needs. Although you could buy a single-Chamber, it is more convenient to economically purchase a package with accessories .

If you choose to monitor a large area, deluxesurveillance will recommend a wired camera, otherwise, a wireless camera with wall mounts will work optimally. In the same way you should choose between a camera for indoor and one outdoor, since using the incorrect damage the equipment. Another option are the cameras with motion sensor. They are recorded only when they detect movement, which saves energy and space. Remote viewing cameras They can transmit the footage to your phone, tablet and/or computer. All these types of camera, security and more, packages are Mersan Security. Our experts will help you choose the best security camera for you, and will install it quickly and efficiently.