The Best Buys for the Mother-To-Be

Continuing the series “best buys” today I will be talking about some items that I consider to be important and useful for the mother-to-be. Items that you can buy in pregnancy and post partum. All I used, approve and recommend. Usually the short list of trousseau for the mom who pointed out to my friends!

-Longer Shirts and justinhas: Need not necessarily be t-shirts of pregnant. There’s a lot of longer templates store and you can use until the end of the pregnancy. Having basic colors like white, black, Navy and grey can you wear with what you have at home because a lot of blouse is short when the belly begins to grow, you can put the t-shirt underneath and leave as a “track” in the piece of the shirt that was short. What I think of these t-shirts is use today with leggings when you want to put some clothes on you need to cover the “butt

-Maternity jeans: I hate pregnant clothes and I think it’s not worth spending money on parts that you will use only for a few months. I’ve given a tip of how to adapt our own clothes ( see here ), but I think 1 nice pants jeans worth having for both it is possible to find all models of brands like Seven, J Brand, True Religion, among others, with only the waist with that large range adapted to cotton. And even if you retire some jeans to wear, there’s like the made for pregnant women. So worth having 1 you can use until the end of the pregnancy.

-Bra Tops or to breastfeed: This is a very personal item that I prefer not to indicate any particular make or model. Because everything depends on the size of your breast will stay and the best model that suits your comfort. My tip is to have some 3-4 bra tops or because it is common to leak milk and you have to change a few times. You can buy before the baby is born, but the reality is that only after that go down the milk, you can get an idea of what your breast size will be. It’s usually a size above what you use in pregnancy and about 2 sizes than you use without being pregnant. Some tops are more comfortable bra for failing. And buy a good thing is my tip to sleep. Because when your baby begin to mend a few extra hours the night gets crowded breast milk, and the more fair the top, the lower the chance of empedrar. This top to sleep can be a top gymnastics common good thing! For those who are traveling in the United States there is a huge amount of templates, and how the Americans tend to have larger breasts, the BRA are firmer and more comfortable than here.

-Purse or Bag to carry your things. See which model fits your style and invest in a purse or bag of good quality, waterproof inside and with many divisions. Because it will be your companion for walks and outings for many months and even years (as in my case I had a daughter then the other). Who doesn’t love a bag with baby bag guy need not necessarily carry the traditional white gift bag with a teddy bear, there are many brands that make bags adapted to carry more things. See some examples of scholarships (diaper bag) that don’t look like a bag of baby and you can even replace by your purse and take a volume only. Try to find a medium sized model, where fit the essentials without doing too much weight or take up too much space. And always remember the divisions! You will need them to ease your life in time to get something in an emergency. I especially love the ones that have divisions outside! I’ve done a full post about It Baby Bags “, see HERE

-Breastshield–will be invaluable if you breastfeed. And if you have too much milk will change a few times a day, so there’s no point in choosing a brand very expensive because you have to buy a few dozen boxes! Among my favorite nationals are Mam and York. The Mam is a little more expensive but the tampon is very thin and does not bother. York has the best cost benefit and you can find it at any pharmacy common. That’s what most used.

–Pump to milk-if you are traveling it’s worth bringing out. If not, my tip is to rent. Some companies are super reliable and make cleaning and there’s no risk. And the advantage is that you can use only for as long as you want. Here it costs a lot to buy an electric pump. I think the pump important for those who want to breastfeed. Because you will have moments that you will need milk, is out, store or even on a day that your milk empedre. Worth having a home from the day you arrive of motherhood. Once my milk came down about 5 days after delivery (for me always takes), are often more accurate, because the baby can’t handle suck all the milk and to me are always the worst days and I need the bomb to help relieve.

-Ointment Cracks: A lanolin ointment is essential in the early days of breastfeeding. Soon after the first feeding is already great use to prevent cracking. And after a few days it will still be essential. The best known is the Lansinoh. But an option that I love, national, it’s Millar. This ointment is great. And after a tip from mom, when you no longer need for the breast, use it as a lip balm! I use it every day before bed and super moisturizing!

Stretch mark Cream: don’t skimp on the purchase the best cream I have! Anti-stretch mark treatment going to cost more than a few bottles of cream. Don’t get caught just like Mustella marks. There are many options as good as. I don’t fit the Mustella, gave me itchy. Used oil and Clarins cream. But has excellent cheaper options. See where you fit best the texture and smell and be sure to use as many times a day can get! And if you start to notice the appearance of stretch marks, you’ve let your dermato. Even in pregnancy it can indicate the best creams to prevent evolve. The Groove always starts with a little risk and very itchy!

-Homewear-Homewear is what we call clothes to stay home. Comfortable clothes but which are not pyjamas or Nightie. Mesh pants, plush, blouses soltinhas … anyway. Clothes that you can use in the maternity ward and then to stay home. Because the will that we have is to stay in your Pajamas all day. So if you have some comfortable clothes, coolest is already a solution for the first few weeks.

And you, what else they consider essential for a future mom???

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