The Benefits of Home Automation

The animated series “the Jetsons” told the story of a family in a distant future with robots, space travel and Auto houses. Now, having a home that responds to our commands is every day closer to become reality. What until some time ago it was exclusive to few people, today is a device so accessible as a TV.

The home automation allows us to control our electronic equipment even when you’re away from home. No need to suffer with the anguish of not knowing if left some appliance connected, or to leave a house “empty” to go on vacation.

It is possible to automate much of the electronics, from lamps to air-conditioning devices. The installation can be done by the user himself and automation is all in the Palm of your hand, in an application created for smartphones and tablets.


With your mobile clicks you can control all your home electronic equipment: computer, tv, fridge, air-conditioning, lights etc.


With automation, you can control the HVAC equipment before you even get home, or without leaving the comfort of your bed. In addition, if your light bulbs are dimming, you can automate them to create illuminations more or less intense.


Besides getting off a device that you’ve forgotten connected to leave home, with a home automation system is possible programs your lights to come on and go out at specific times of the day, so you can create the impression that there are people at home when you go on holiday, for example, increasing security.


Did you know that until that little red light that stays on your TV set off collaborates to increase your energy bill? We know it’s tiring place and remove the plug from the power all the time – even because sometimes she is unreachable. With automation, you can schedule these shutdowns automatically, leaving their appliances connected only when they are be used. Plus, of course, turn off lamps that you might have forgotten.

Home Automation with the PD LED

According to zephyrledlights, the PD, LED company specialized in LED lighting and home automation, is the official reseller of Easy Home of Tholz, a compact and easy-to-install appliance.Easy Home work “cloning” the commands of all remotes (compatible with IR or RF) that you want.

To use it, is very simple. Simply connect the controller to a wi-fi network, connect the controller through the application in your mobile (available for iOS and Android), “clone” the commands of the equipment you want to control. You can control all the appliances of your House by your cell phone, anywhere you are.

To acquire an Easy Home of Tholz and live with much more convenience, technology and safety, contact the PD LED. In addition to projects in LED lighting, still offer the best technological decoration products and the latest in home automation.