The Apple Ipod Event

IPod touch with camera, prices, cocktails and more?
In the music industry, there are several sources claiming that Apple is planning a press conference in the week from September 7th. Well-if you look at the historical data, then do not be surprised-Apple has always traditionally used the week after Labor Day to present new products for the coming Christmas business and to renew existing products. This is also the time when most Back To School purchases have been completed, the customers have not wanted the iPods from a year ago, or have broken down and are looking for something new.Another note, Apple’s “Back To School Promo”-where “old” iPod touchs are “given away”-ends on September 8, a Tuesday Bingo!;-]

Two years ago Apple introduced the iPod touch again, next to the iPhone, he became another cash cow, which after the purchase with the App Store, the bubbly of the money bubbled.Last year, the event was less interesting, “only” innovations were presented on iPod touch and iPod nano. If you now consider that the current tips for the Apple event come from the music industry, yes then you can also expect that there are innovations in the matter of iTunes and in terms of music format. ITunes is supposed to be more social with Twitter and toimpact Facebook with over 250 million benefits worldwide, Genius could also become “social”. And there’s supposed to be Blu-Ray support on iTunes-that is, compulsorily at least this year still new iMacs are presented and there are changes in the Macbooks in the form of a (aufpreisppflichtbed) Blu-Ray drive. Apple has also developed a new music format that is currently called cocktail. Cocktail contains (like a cocktail stop) different contents-over the pure music also album cover and interactive contents-whether these are now music videos, small games or other contents, one can only puzzling at this point. But the music industry will surely come up with enough to make the “cocktail” tasty for as many customers as possible. The cocktail should however appeal to the customers, the pure music download so far was too boring and bought the CD, just because the contents there (album cover, lyrics, pictures) are also part of the musician experience.

What else can you expect? Revised iPod nanos with cameras, an iPod Classic running in its last year and perhaps a Bluetooth stereo headset, after the iPhone already AD2P can and the iPod touch will not be inferior,and you can know more from Sacramentomart.Com.

You can also expect Steve Jobs, but probably only if the Apple Tablet is actually presented, the oversized iPod touch (10 inches), which has been haunted for quite some time in the rumored kitchen. But that includes John Gruber currently pending. John Gruber, who hasalways had the most accurate Apple rumors with his homepage Daring Fireball , is already talking about the prices, the new iPod touch with camera-probably as with the iPhone 3GS (3.2 megapixels) With Autofocus, video in VGA resolution)-is offered in the following price range: 16/32/64 GB for 199/299/399 dollars. The price points that Apple sets are definitely weighty-currently, the prices are for 8/16/32 GB at 229/299/399 dollars. A doubling of the storage volume at the same price, which is for Apple conditions already very generous, if one else looks at their Aufpreishistorie. And yes, there will probably be a 64 GB iPod touch – enough room for cocktails, iTunes movies and TV series. Apple will definitely be back in September to get more market shares and make more money in the days after the recession-we can be really excited.