The Apothecary with the Top Makeup Artist Kal Birth

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Hi loves!
Today I share with you a wonderful event I attended last week. The group O Boticário organized a meeting with the makeup artist and winner of the beauty Challenge 3rd season, Kal Birth.

That immense pleasure to welcome you in my city, in addition to super talented, Kal is very nice and deserves all this professional recognition.

He told us about the experience of participating in the contest, your story as a makeup artist and gave us valuable tips trends for this year.

O Boticário is one of the companies that I’m a fan, I have enormous admiration and client. There is no better thing that certain brands that you identify and trust.
The coolest of these events is that besides meeting wonderful people, you will regain your friends and meet other bloggers that you only saw virtually. These are the bloggers of my city and region < 3

I would like to say that I love the new products from Make b.! Always thinking about versatility, practicality and lack of time of the brazilian woman, o Boticário is investing in multifaceted and multipurpose products. I received some specimens that will soon be reviewed here in bloguito.

Needless to say I super recommend!

In Empress has physical store of The Apothecary here:

  • Rua Ceara No. 576-Centre (99) 3524-3914
  • Avenida Bernardo Sayão No. 1510-New Empress (99) 3524-7415
  • Avenida Getúlio Vargas No. 1320-Centre (99) 3524-5149

You can still visit the online store of the Apothecary in this link: our site.
And you remember Kal Birth on channel GNT? I await your comments! Kisses