The 8 Best Models of Bathroom Countertop

Check out the main models of countertop for bathroom and see tips to hit the choice.

In search of a good bathroom countertop? Then know that in the market there are many interesting models, which differ primarily with respect to the material that makes up the base. Read the article to know the characteristics of each type of countertop.

The countertop is an essential element in the powder room perfect. In addition to making the space more resistant and easy to clean, it also contributes with the decoration style.

Best bathroom countertop models

The House and Party have chosen bathroom countertops that are up on the market. Check out the models and get inspired:

1-glass countertop for bathroom

You want to leave your bathroom with a modern and contemporary? Then bet on a glass countertop. This material is long lasting, moisture conditions supports and facilitates cleaning tasks in the health environment.

The glass countertop for bathroom is perfect to leave the room with a more lightweight and clean, thanks to transparency present in the material. In stores, you can find this element in different thicknesses, formats and colours.

2-wood countertop for bathroom

The wood is not usually used in wet environments, but in recent years, she has conquered space in the area of bathroom decor. The material will leave the room with a rustic air, sophisticated, charming and cozy.

The wooden countertop for bathroom should receive special treatment to keep constant contact with the water. Re-tar it with a varnish is a way to prevent infiltrations. Remember, however, that the work of sealing must be carried out at least once a year.

Some care must be adopted in time to clear the wood bench. Try to use only mild detergent and damp cloth, otherwise, the material can be damaged and the layout of the bathroom.

3-granite countertop for bathroom

Not only are the kitchen countertops with granite. Manufactured structures for toilets also bet this porous material and very resistant to impact of risks.

There is, in stores, different models of granite countertops for bathrooms. They are distinguished from each other about the colors and the texture of the material.

The granite surface cleaning must be performed with a damp cloth and neutral detergent. Any oily or corrosive product can cause irreversible damage to the stone.

4 – porcelain countertop for bathroom

The porcelain stoneware, which before served only to coat the floor, is now used to manufacture stylish and sturdy countertops. The material can be placed on a masonry structure or even metal.

Who opts for porcelain countertop has many advantages, such as low water absorption and high resistance.

5-bathroom marble countertop

The marble is not as tough as granite, but still is considered a good choice of material for bathroom countertop. It features more porosity, so is vulnerable to scratches and stains.

6-burnt cement Countertop for bathroom

Burnt cement has been used in different ways in the decoration of houses, including the bathroom countertops. The material is perfect to let the environment with industrial and rustic style. It is also beneficial with regard to the strength and durability.

7-acrylic countertop for bathroom

Acrylic countertop is a SideShow in the bathroom, after all, when well chosen, she adds color and style to the environment. The material is porous, can be maintained with ease and value a range of bold colors, such as blue and yellow.

8-quartz Countertop for bathroom

Few people know, but quartz is also used on the surface of benches. The material offers a range of colors and finishes, which reflect the most modern in the area of Interior design.

Quartz countertop preserves the surface intact, since it resists stains, the scratches and even heat.

After choosing the best material for your bathroom countertop, remember that other elements are also important to the structure of the sink, as is the case with built-in cabinets, mirrors, niches and shelves.

What better bench for small bathroom?

The your bathroom is too small? So avoid working only with monotonous colors and without expression. To enlarge the environment, use a countertop with style or colour capable of calling attention, as is the case of the models of wood and acrylic.

Don’t forget also to bet on big mirrors, since they convey the impression that the room is bigger.

And there? You know what bathroom Countertop model will you choose? Leave a comment.