Tennis balls

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Tennis is a sport that is very meaningful and is practiced by many people. Earlier, tennis was considered as a sport of the elite, but today every person who has fun on the tennis, can exert this kind of sport. Tennis is played with two paddles and a ball, which will be played over a network, and the goal is to hit the ball on the floor of the opposing pitch and the player who has scored the most points at the end wins the game.

Is one of the major items required for the tennis game the tennis ball. He is known as neon yellow rubber ball that has a white stripe pattern. Tennis balls must have an even and level surface and may not have seams. Its weight must be more than 56 g and less than 59, 4 g and the diameter must be between 6,54 and 6, 86 cm. There are even slower balls, the diameter of which is between 7 and 7, 3cm. These are however not all properties that have a tennis ball, according to the International Tennis Federation, because every tennis ball may not higher than 147 cm fly in a collision from a height of 254 cm upwards. In addition to these specifications, there are also different balls, namely the pressure ball and the pressureless ball. In the production of the non-pressurised balls, just two half spherical rubber halves are pressed together. The ball is filled with gas at a pressure ball. Tennis balls are there in any sporting goods store, can be found in many online stores on the Internet. These are usually less expensive, but have the same quality standards.

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Even if all tennis balls are optically the same, there are different variants of tennis balls. One have all together, their smooth-shaped surface with seamless appearance. Tennis balls are white or yellow and have a weight of 56-59, 4 g may be between 6,54-6, 86 cm. Tennis balls of type 3, which fly slower, may have a final size to 7, 3 cm. No matter what kind of tennis ball you decide tennis balls may not bring all under 135 cm and not more than 147 cm height. The test for this takes place with a throw of 254cm height. The tennis ball, proved he is suitable for the game and is considered approved.

Tennis balls are moved by a stable layer of felt, guaranteed longevity and light play. A rubber bladder, which is made of a composition of different plastics is located under the felt. On this, the felt is glued and thus results in the typical appearance and handling of tennis balls. The differences of models are founded in pressure balls and non-pressurised balls. Pressure balls are filled with gas, this serves as a pressureless balls at an optimal and better jump performance. With time, however escapes the gas and thus the bounce. For pressure balls, storage in airtight packaging is important, so that the gas before the games. Pressureless tennis balls without filling, here two halves of rubber are used together and the air is equivalent to the air pressure, which prevailed in the outdoor production in the tennis ball. Pressureless tennis balls last longer and must be replaced as a rule only if the material is fatigue, which is determined by reduced bounce. All variants of the tennis balls get you on our site and everything else for your tennis game, equal to.