Techniques For Outdoor Lighting

Your House has spots and special places that need a particular because it is outdoor lighting: the courtyard, the garden and the facade.Rely on these techniques to achieve such a goal.

To highlight statues, architectural elements, fountains, trees and much more, use reflectors and recessed spots in floor or wall, with the type of lamp and the light color that you want.

If you want to project light on tops of trees, textured walls or columns and make them seem higher, it uses lower lighting that provide you the reflectors placed on the floor.

Does a good overall visibility with overhead lighting, i.e., directly from the ceiling; ordinarily used on the entrance doors, ceilings of terraces or garden kitchens.

With backlight and silhouettes that form results about striking if used in moderation. A light source behind the front face of objects or entries should be placed to create volume and depth.

According to, moonlight lighting is a technique that produces a natural effect similar to the Moon: is placed one or more lights between the tops of the trees to project its shadow on the roads.

Cross lighting allows you to admire the shapes of an object. It is accomplished dimly illuminating an object from multiple angles. This is very striking in rocks, plants such as agaves and yuccas, sculptures and objects with various levels of depth.

Flush lighting is applied to structures, beams, cornices and columns to draw strokes on great works of engineering and architecture, such as bridges, historic buildings and metal structures.

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