Table tennis bat

Different table tennis bat for your own style

Table tennis is a sport that pretty much works as the correct tennis and is played only on a table. A grid that divides the table into the two halves of the player and two thugs who beat a mostly white ball over the net back and forth are needed for this game. Goal is to hit the ball more than once on the floor of the opponent which means a point for the exporting player. The player who has collected the most points at the end wins the game.

The clubs, a player used is for the rotation and the speed of the Tischtennisballs. Depending on which technique of the player applies vary already handles of the bat. So there are straight, curved and anatomic handles and each player selects the handle that fits him best in the hand.

Both sides of a table tennis bat are equipped with pads, of which only a covering should be used for reference and the other only serves that the bat can be kept right from the Palm of your hand. However, some players began to cover both sides with different toppings, which achieve a different effect in the game. Because they chose both pads in the same colors, this could be traced only poorly at a competition. That’s why the different coverings may have only different colors, so that it could be proven that a player used to play only a page.

Table tennis bat must be well in hand and that’s why every player for themselves should find out which Racquet best to him fits. Also the coverings should be selected according to the technique of the player so that he can achieve a 100 percent performance in the game. The thugs there in numerous sporting goods store, but also easily ordered over the Internet because the brands are usually much cheaper. This is a huge advantage over the business as yet provide the same high-quality products.

Many table tennis bat for your hobby

There countless versions, table tennis rackets are available in so many different ways that you will definitely find the right table tennis bat for himself. His oval face allows optimal game play with a wooden core. Wood core in the middle is several times glued and guarantees thus durability, the gluing prevents chipping or breaking of the nucleus. There are also table tennis bats made of other materials, where the central core consists of carbon, Kevlar, or fiberglass. The racket in the oval form used primarily in Europe.

Table tennis rackets have a different color, each on the front and back what is used to indicate whether you have rotated the bat the opponent. The pads on both sides are different, one side is rougher than the other. This provides different ways to play and harder and softer shots. The colors for professional table tennis are red and black for one Club page. There are table tennis rackets with different toppings, this a page must always have a prescribed covering. These types of coatings are produced: backside, short pimples outer, anti-Topspin, long pimples or pimpled rubber, with and without sponge pad. You will find all types and designs of table tennis bat with us. Convinced of our high-quality products, the unique quality and durability our table tennis bat. Worth a visit for us.