Table tennis balls

High-quality table tennis balls form the basis for a real game

Table tennis is a popular sport, particularly in the Asian region and is a sort of miniature to the correct tennis, because it is played only with smaller clubs and a smaller ball. The field represents a ping pong table that just like in tennis, is divided by a net in the Middle into two halves. Goal is to hit the ball with the racket more than once on the floor of the opposing field, which means a point for the exporting player. The player who scored the most points at the end wins the game.

The ping pong ball is one of to the most important items that are required for table tennis. The ping pong ball is mostly white and is light and hollow. For a ball of all official competitions can be used, it must meet some criteria. In any case, the ball must have a level surface and be evenly around. It may consist merely of plastic or celluloid and the diameter of the ball must be 40 mm. The weight of the Tischtennisballs must be 2, 7 g and he must, if he is dropped from a height of 30.5 cm, jump 24-26 cm.

Balls table tennis play there in very many shops that specialize not only in the distribution of sports equipment. However, to buy a ball, which complies with the standards, rather visit a special sporting goods store. The Internet is another way to buy balls. There’s a wide variety of online shops that offer table tennis balls from quality brands. These are usually cheaper than in traditional stores, although they are from the same manufacturer. This is a great advantage, as also usually a few days after placing an order with the customer the goods.