At the request of a reader, I bring here some pieces in that you can use to go for Beach, pool, hang out with friends… Bet on things that I found it very simple. Look, I hope you like!

I didn’t dress, because now there are more practical things that dresses, I wore dresses, and now I prefer the shorts, but everyone has their tastes. I suggest to the beach or pool a jumpsuit, like image, this year the overalls are super IN to be with his friends bet on some shorts and a tank top. Oh, for footwear never dispenses dumas havaianas, are the best of the summer.Protect yourself from the Sun with some beautiful glasses, and wears a shoulder bag or a backpack.

A reader asked Looks of 11 to 18 to go out at night. This is for younger readers. I’ve been inspired in Candida of MCA 6, she was a young girl and with a super fashion look. A cute dress and ‘ covered ‘ with stamped original, some sandals and a jacket for the cold. For bag, one of these small, super practices for.

If it is to go to the disk, I suggest a look original, some leather leggins and a shiny top, and some sandals type boot, and a suitcase with chain, super practical and cute *-* if you have cold wears a Cardigan short, for example silver to match the rest of the look.

Sorry, but now yes, wrote me, and I’m good to start with the blog. Leave your requests and requests for disclosures that I make them! Ah, the posts that ask for must be preferably to do with summer. Kisses.

Sorry to all readers, but I’m taking a break on the blog. It won’t take months, just a few weeks or days to compose. Is that sometimes I feel strange, and change feelings, and I don’t feel like posting, or sometimes I feel like quitting the blog. And don’t think I visit it, I come here every day, but as I don’t have any comment, go to another page. I also have to go on vacation, and have gone over to the beach and swimming pool until I’m out of time, it could also serve. Sorry about this post, all confused. Can ask questions for comments, and even talk in mail, I answer and talk, but do not post for now.

Nina is a strange girl with a strange past that only your group of GTC know.It’s a girl, and in addition is beautiful. The look usually takes your shorts or shorts Bermuda type, and uses almost always tops of various colors and patterned. For shoes I advise you to Hawaiian type slippers (is essential for this summer). For beach bag uses a large or even straw, and a normal bikini … She wears sunglasses at LocalBusinessExplorer from time to time some white, that I didn’t put the image.

I have received many requests to disclose the blog, but I don’t have the time or forget me, because I had to walk, comment, the comment view who wanted disclosure. It’s easier, if you want me to advertise your blog lets here the address. I then divulge all blogs on a post.

A post very request by readers of the blog, and voted and also request poll.I’m going to talk a little bikinis in this post. There are so many, difficult is to choose. For girls with very little breast, belly…

If you’re a girl who has a lot of chest the first bikini can be one of your options. The second is for a girl who has tummy, it disguises it. The third, is for those who don’t like a lot of floor of ‘ panties ‘. The room is great for slim girls.
You don’t need to have a lot of bikinis in your closet, only if you’re one of those who goes to the beach and pool every day, otherwise I guess I just need three or five bikinis.

As I promised, here is a post about some products that I use but only in the body, the face I showed the cream, but I didn’t show the care with the bubbles & etc, but then show. Here are only some of the goods, because others have not found):
These are the ones I’m wearing today.

Here are just a few products that I use, because as I said the rest haven’t found D; I love the deodorant Nivea, despite the change of deodorant, Nivea have a smell great, and I love the Rexona that are smooth, but I have used this. I loved. Creams for the body, I’m using the Happy Time of Nivea, which leaves a smell that lasts 12:00 am. Excellent. Also from time to time use the Jhomson oil’s moisturizing the skin and helps to morenar, but is a bit strong for morenar. Sunscreen I bought this recently, Protect & Bronze Nivea, which protects and gives a natural Tan skin:D I bought 30 not to overdo it, now I’m a bit dark, but of course I’m a little white. Use this service of Nivea cream. I’m too skinny, but I have a little belly, due to liquids and you will cookies. So I use this cream just for the belly. The creams that I have tabled, not one is the oriflame which is for hands and body and leaves the skin soft, and my cream and shower gel which are a little known brand so not found. And as you can see they are a fan of Nivea and advise same;D

In this post I will show you some pieces that you can adapt and go to the beach or to the pool. All the parts that I’m presenting are from Billabong. This brand and Rip Curl, have really nice clothing items and documents for summer, are trademarks of sport are therefore more “thinking” in the summer. Look:D

I love walking in shorts. I love shorts, are very practical, and Tan your legs more easily xD to the beach you can choose one of these, they’re like a surfer, and a matching Basic or top with frills, stamped … If you want to you can get t-shirts, but you fresher and adaptable.

For footwear chose blue slippers to match. As I couldn’t find a beach bag, put a blue backpack, backpacks are good practices to the beach, I sometimes take my school!

The second look is a jumpsuit, which are super trendy and are beautiful, you don’t have to be to combine parts. I chose the set, hehe, the slippers are equal to the overall, and the case too (it’s super cute, you can use it without getting to the beach), and even the Bikini has escaped! Finally, I forgot my sunglasses and nothing better than some flip-flops Hawaiian type, believe, and of course a bikini. Then do a post of bikinis at the request of a reader.Kisses.