Swimwear According to Your Silhouette

Guide suits of bath for every type of woman and silhouettes.

Starts the final countdown for the beach season, and although it is a time that we love them, we are many that we have difficulties to find the bathroom garment suitable for our type of body and fall into the mistake of buy swimwear that we do not favor at all.

That said, it is time to change and hit with bathing suits of this year. We teach you the four types of female silhouettes that exist, which enhance or disguise is sought in each case and beach clothing necessary for this purpose. See these models and many more in our bathroom collection!

Inverted triangle silhouette: big breast

Celebrities: Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara

Your silhouette: Your shoulders are wider than your waist and your hips, and your chest is generous according to Bombebikini.

Your mission: Hide the chest.


Opt for Bras with Cup, contrary to those who would take a woman with triangular shape.

Straps adjustable and thicker and lower broadband to better collect the chest and a plus of support.

Triangular shape: Small chest

Celebrities: Kate Hudson, face Delevigne, Rihanna

Your silhouette: your hips are slightly wider than your waist and your shoulders and you have little chest.

Your mission: Highlight the chest.


Ponte fasteners bright tropical prints, acid colours or prints mosaic.

Preferably use triangular bikinis that enhance the chest.

Get a plus of firmness with Bras-push-up or halter neck effect.

The ‘Brazilian’ design will be your biggest ally!

Our co-founder, Kate Hudson, know what swimsuits will favor more when it comes to highlight your chest and enhance your curves. If you have a silhouette of PEAR, you will interest the Favorite of Kate.

Hourglass silhouette: the most desirable

Celebrities: Jessica Biel, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz

Silhouette: Shoulders, hips and waist are aligned.

Mission: Define the waist and highlight your curves.


It emphasizes your curves with a monokini or a whole swimsuit with openings or asymmetrical lines.

Choose a smaller bikini bottoms to an optical effect that enlarges the back.

Select panties or Bras with eye-catching prints, Ruffles or beads.

Oval silhouette: Rounded belly

Celebrities: Elizabeth Hurley, Jennifer Hudson, Catherine Zeta-Jones

Your silhouette: Your waist is wider than the shoulders and hips. The belly protrudes slightly out.

Aim: Strengthen the stomach area and shape the waist.


Select panties of high-waisted or designs that will help you conceal your belly more. The trendy 50sretro is back!

Cut your waist with a crossover neckline shirt.

Refine your waist and shapes your figure.

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