Swimming – for more power!

Swimming is one of the healthiest sports at all. As a result of the buoyancy in the water, the body finds support and the bones and joints are significantly relieved and conserved. Regular swimming units reduces the heart because the pressure of the water helps the venous reverse flow. The water temperature here positively affects the circuit. Almost all muscles are claimed during the swim. It the arms and the torso are trained particularly hard. This stress but also strongly depends on the stroke of the athlete. It is possible in natural waters such as lakes, oceans, swim rivers and ponds or in specially built outdoor swimming pools, indoor swimming pools and swimming pools.

To swim properly, keep the feet on the floor, there are different Schwimmtechniken. The most famous Schwimmstile are crawl swimming, breaststroke, start and back crawl swimming in modern times. The Medley is a combination of these four Schwimmstile. The diving is sometimes referred to as stroke.

Includes swimsuits for women clothing for swimming and swim shorts for men. Swimming caps protect the hair from excessive exposure to harmful substances such as chlorine or salt water. The Schwimmbrillen are also often used when swimming. These are especially useful in diving and swimming facilitate universal. Neoprene suits protect the skin against hypothermia, particularly for longer dives or swim tours. You reject the water and are great against the skin. Thermal jackets, are also highly recommended that the athletes immediately after the water bath can apply and thus not undercooled.