Swimming Already Is Not Boring, How to Choose Aquatic Mp3

“Swim bores me, because I am very lonely and unlike running I’m not listening to music”. You replied to Mariel “we have the solution here, an aquatic mp3 so listen to music when you swim”.

When I returned to swimming years ago the same, it bored me in the pool I spent because I had become accustomed to running with music and missed that song that made me to encourage me. However, and after many requests from customers and our one day appeared in the store an aquatic mp3: Speedo Aquabeat 1.0.

It cost a lot of money but without thinking I bought it, 129 euros I spent 6 years ago, was rookie in matter of mp3 and I enjoyed fiddling with buttons and plug while swimming… bad idea, lasted me the device less than a year.

A couple of years later Nabaiji released its first mp3 1.0, did not think twice and bought it. I was delighted because it had everything and even told me the distance swimming (had an inner compass that had the long turning).

It came with all the accessories, like the Barbie: headphones, 6 pairs of plugs of different shapes and sizes, usb cable, a bag to carry it… but I made a mistake, those headphones were going to thread and I spent tightening, a penalty because it was cool to go to swim and not have to be long.

And as everything evolves appeared the second mp3 1.0, much cheaper (because the first came to €149), with headphones that they wouldn’t screw and Delight mp3 much easier and not so great (its current price is €39.95).

Obviously there are other brands of mp3 that I have been familiar but have not come to have such as Dolphin, Nimaco, sand and the most famous Speedo. There are others that are resistant to water as the Sony, type headband, but due to the way they should come out of your ears when you swim, they are rather for running. As you see some other mp3 passed through my hands and together so talked to customers could tell you what you should look for when choosing your mp3 is as follows:

What music formats read mp3? Obviously if the reader is mp3 it will read this secure format, however there are other many formats that may, or may not, such as AAC or WMA, the latter tends to be the format in which the original cds come. If you have your music in another format you can transform it very easily with iTunes for example. Other aspects to consider are:

Compatibility with PC or Mac

Seal, usually tend to be 3 m

Capacity right now there is almost none below 1 Gb

Autonomy in hours of music

If you measure distance or not

There are spare parts for headphones and usb cable? It is very important because the headphones, at least in my case, often get lost easily and not any handset is compatible.

Do you have radio? This is questions that most often me make the customers. There mp3 with radio as the ProFm Arena, however, the radio waves are not transmitted by water which makes it quite difficult to listen radio well because although the head make it out of the water, there are often splashes hindering waves. My advice, if there is some program that you like download the podcast and put it in your mp3.

Finally As Maintenance Tips You Said A Couple Of Things:

If something I have learned in these years is that water (and even more water saltwater) and metals are not very good friends, and whenever he invades the first electronic anywhere the device just rusting inside and that there is no way to fix it. So to the extent that you can not you manipuléis the plug headphones into the water and try to avoid using it in the sea.

The mp3 often come with several sets of plugs adaptors of different shapes and sizes that is because we have to perfectly sealing ear as any caps, because our auditory system is made to hear in the air and water let hear with clarity so try all sizes and shapes until you find yours.

I hope that my small experience serve you choosing an MP3 player depending on what you’re looking for.