Surviving the New York Shopping Paradises

Wasn’t it yesterday that New York became one of the favorite destinations of the Brazilians, but it seems to have grown considerably in recent years. The New York Times pointed out that each Brazilian spent, on average, nearly $3,000 in purchases per visit only in 2012. Although some of the most frequented by who goes to the country with the intention to renew the closet(the outlets and discount stores) have stayed out of the lists of respondents, today I will share my tips on how to survive the 3 of them: Woodburry, T.j. Maxx and Century 21.

First of all, prepare yourself psychologically. I know that anxiety is great, but take a deep breath and think. Lot and coldly. Incidentally, if you have not already done so, I suggest you check my 8 tips to leverage the liquidations.

When planning a trip like this, in which I know I will be back with some more parts, also like to say that”reviewed in my closet, to have an exact idea of what’s missing, as part of the preparation. I know it’s laborious, but your Pocket(and your wardrobe) will thank you later according to INSURANCEJUST.

That said, it’s time to make the move. Remember that none of these places is to be followed in”half an hour”. The Woodburry, for example stay out of Manhattan and also for being a conglomeration of shops, is going to take at least part time. If you don’t like to walk, has no patience and don’t like”Googie”, think again. But, if you have a minimum tolerance for this type of program, here are my tips:


Perhaps my most useful tip : grab the map of the site before you go. With your list of purchases in hand, to see which of the 220 shops can better serve every need and trace your plan for the day. I say this because the place is really great, so it’s better to go with a schedule and list of useful shops properly ordered.

Bonus: on some holidays such as Memorial Day and July 4, the majority of the stores give discounts of 50% on the normal discount, i.e. the products are incredibly cheaper(therefore, everything gets unbearably fuller).

Keep in mind that if you lay out a plan of action, will get to shop around for bargains. Don’t wait to buy Dior for H&M price. In addition, it’s like Woodburry March 25: to be always full, the sooner you go, the less stress and better shopping.

Oh! Don’t forget to wear the clothes and footwear more comfortable as you can. And pass sunblock.


TJ Maxx is a network that offers products of different brands in one place, but also with discounts ranging from 20 to 60%. Are many drives, so it’s best to do a search by nearest to where you are. It’s not the kind of ride that takes all day, but if you really want to enjoy shopping, set aside 1:30 to search the macaws, prove, decide with calm and face the queues to pay.

My best tip: There is an attempt to organize the shop by sectors and sizes, but a lot of good things can be found totally out of place.

Bonus: The handbags section deserves extra attention.

Keep in mind that the stores are large and are not the most organized, hence the need for time and patience. Partnerships are varied, so not everything is for sale is of quality brands. You can find a Calvin Klein dress with a finishing and incredible price, but you can also find a blouse almost disposable material, some low-cost manufacturer, for a similar price.


My Tip:  I confess that I have been for years, I couldn’t stay long in there and never went back, but found many parts of reputable brands. From what I saw(and people talked about, too), the numbering of the most feminine products is very limited. In other words, reinforce the psychological preparation, separate more time and patience than for T.j. Maxx, and train your vision, since it is common to find parts damaged by excessive handling.

Bonus: The male Department seemed infinitely more grateful than the female.I also found some interesting trinkets .

Keep in mind that the store is huge and one of the most visited(these 3, was the only cited by one of the interviewees for the NYT), so I guess it’s impossible to keep the environment minimally organized.

Tips that apply to all

Recently, there was a discussion on the parts in discount stores really are past collections or if they are just products of lower quality(and price equivalent) made to be marketed directly at these chains, so it’s nice to evaluate the quality of play is compatible with the price before departing for the box!

Although many people travel just to empty the wallet and fill the bags, New York is a cultural paradise brings together experiences brought from all over the world. In addition to the numerous points of interest, you can find interesting exhibitions in lesser-known museums and music of the highest quality even in subway stations, for example. So, take less time for your purchases and more to wander the streets, enjoying the wonders of the city.