Surprising Change of A Home Brought by Decoration

Generally thought that to achieve a surprising change in the decor of a home we need to make major reforms. It is not always the case, shows, the before and after today I share with you.
This impressive change in the decoration of this House has been achieved largely thanks to a good coat of paint and making some changes in the decoration, above all in terms of fabrics referred to in. To achieve this extraordinary change, works that have been made in this reform are minimal. To see what you think…

It is important that before you get full redecoration or reform of your House you stand a moment to reflect; This is of great help to clarify ideas and know who will be the next steps you should take.

Franciscogardening recommends that you watch your home carefully and jot down: what are your daily needs that your home should be covered, which are the needs of each of the members of the family, the redecoration or reform, which is what you would like to get (greater functionality, lightness, modern and contemporary spaces…), with decorative styles you feel most comfortable and identified which colors do you like more, what are the interests and hobbies of the family,…, and above all, what will be the budget to invest in change.

The more detailed are your annotations and needs for your new decor, easier you will be starting work on it. It is important to look good in your House, the houses have a great potential and there are many solutions that can be used to change your look without doing great works or spend a lifetime salary.

In the before and after that I show you today, do not have the ‘problem’ of having a small, pared-down, home… rather the opposite is true. These huge houses are the delight of all interior designer. Although this does not mean that a more conventional home or mini apartment may have a surprising change in decor; on the contrary, the challenge is even greater and makes that the project is even more interesting.

Sure you are thinking that with a House like that I show you today, you would not have any problem at the time of renewal or reform the decoration. You can… But well look at different pictures and changes that have been made.

If look you carefully you’ll see that major reform which has been made to been in painting. Much of the furniture, are parts and elements that the owners already had in their old decoration. Only painted, re upholstered and updated. Yes, it is true, there are changes, but most of them have been to add new details (auxiliaries, rugs, cushions,…) All of them small and economic changes.

It is not always a matter of discard everything or fill the House of new furniture. It is clear that as more time passes since you ride for the first time your House to what you want to redecorate, everything will be more outdated. But if the changes make them every two or three years, sure you can reuse many elements and this will mean that you don’t have to make a large payment to achieve a remarkable change in your home decor.He thinks that there are many solutions that you can use to reuse and give a new look to the different furniture and decorative elements of your home.

Amber Interiors

With the different changes that have been made in the decoration of this House, the end result is an amazing before and after. The new decor is eclectic, fresh, bright, full of contrasts and colors.An modern and functional environment that have been achieved without the need to discard everything and start from 0.

If you are thinking in renovating your home decoration, giving a current appearance and cooler; It may the publication today will help and inspire to open the range of possibilities and styles to give a new look to your home. If your needs are to turn your House into a home more comfortable and functional, it can sure it fits you this before and after; a surprising change in decor without having to spend much money on it. I hope you liked.

Do you like the style of this House?

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