Summer Makeup Trend!

It is true that the winter hasn’t even finished yet and we’re already keeping an eye on what’s next for the summer.Summer is, without doubt, the season most desired in our closets are full of color, light parts, fresh and sexy. And as the days get hotter and longer, you’ll want to be at your best. I commented a few days ago that the shades of pink and purple will be in 2016 Summer fever, remember? The chosen by the world’s catwalks makeup fashion also has been the same the world pink tones and roxinho, to my joy, everyone knows how much I love this color right, I confess that I love much I already have several pallets of shade to use killing at the next station. For being a warm season, these tones are brighter, the cool thing is the amount of different shades to use, after all, fashion always has variations for which all feel good.

Don’t be afraid to test and make bets, this summer. That’s the big difference, the summer 2016 will have colorful makeup and shiny. Interesting is that for those who like a little makeup, you can bet on lighter shadows and the effect of putting a point of light in the inside corner of eyes, so values the look and can be used with lighter makeup and clear. For the skin, again the rosa (creamy, preferably), giving a natural, fresh air and, at the same time, lit. And finally never forget to apply and reapply sunscreen, he’s the one who helps you have a good base of beautiful skin all year long!