Subzero Headset – Warm Ears and Good Sound

To get started in the new year I a nice gadget for the winter to imagine today the SubZero headset by Midland. The MIDLAND SubZero is strong sound headset for smartphones and warming earrings at the same time.

Wintertime is ski time: poor sound and cold ears are the things that no one needs it. The Midland SubZero ensures toasty warm eavesdropper, for crystal clear sound and instant connection for incoming calls. Any questions? No? Then SubZero on the ears, click click associated with MP3 player, Smartphone or iPhone. Snowboard or skis under buckle, and goes off it.

According to ebizdir, the Midland SubZero music headset consists of two high-quality hi-fi stereo speakers, which are covered with a fluffy warm fleece inside and outside with a quilted waterproof and wind-resistant material. So the Midland SubZero is suitable music headset for use in all weather conditions. The headset sits perfectly on the head, this is ensured by the wide, adjustable headband. Available in 7 different colors: red, white, black, pink, yellow, camouflage, or in the luxury version in black leather.

MP3 player/phone cable with microphone and Control Panel, as well as the PMR-446-cable are included. Because if you have a PMR 446 transceiver by Albrecht or MIDLAND, can follow the SubZero. The MP3 player/phone cable has an answer button for incoming calls and listen to a “play/pause/fast forward ‘ button to the music. The MIDLAND SubZero costs 29.90 euros, the version in black leather 39.90 euro.

In itself a cool gadget, but earmuffs are actually still in? And men ever wear earmuffs? It certainly isn’t my case…

There is more information about the devices and the subscription options at our site.