Styling Trick: Socks

The boots and shoes are always ordered closed when the temperature begins to fall, right? And that’s not news to anyone. The stockings also come as supporting cast in this mixture to keep your legs warm.

And during our research work on last season’s London Fashion Week, we observe that the socks are no longer an add-on. They have become protagonists of super interesting and inspiring productions. A favorite of fashionistas are the lurex stockings and the until then abandonedfishnets. And this trend proves fashion dialogue with the past. Contemporaneity is always with a touch of irony and interprets the elegance of distinct ways according to SHOESESPECIALLY.COM.

What was once seen with bad eyes returns with new status: the darling of the moment! With intense inspiration´ 80 s, the mix jeans destroyed + fishnet stockings is already among the main bets for the season. At the time represented with defiance by none other than Madonna, this detail to show reveals a lot of personality to the visual and attitude of the present day. Great stylingtrick, did you?

If you’re part of the team of the most timid, can invest in middle of lurex passing a little bit of the length of the boot. Then you leave a hint fashionwith some shyness, but who still runs. Another hit of the dancing days that returns!

Now if your tonic is actually reveal attitude in more intense doses, push your fishnet stockings. To appear in tears of jeans or only combined with trousers and shoes. Anything goes for the boxes show themselves.

A jeans with turn-ups, which leaves a bit of cinnamon to the shows, always reinforces the invitation to abuse of socks, but you also can–and must–be bold with the other lengths. No matter the shoe model: the important thing is to give a way to show the half. Get your touch and ensure a much more interesting!

Lud bet in black lurex during LFW. The look of the Fab Store. just got even more interesting!