Styling Tips in Heat

The summer is nice, but temperatures over 30 degrees bring a sweat. With these styling tips in heat, you will be pleasantly warm during the hot season and look good.

Summer can become a sweat. But with the right clothes, the heat is much better to bear.What colors, cuts, materials and accessories on the hot days ensure the right feel-good temperature show these simple styling tricks.


Clothes made of natural materials

Maybe the dress of polyester or nylon is still so beautiful, at hot temperatures it is not a good choice.The reason:with these substances one sweats even more.In the summer, light and breathable natural materials such as cotton, linen or silk are more pleasant.

Oversized look

Loose, wide-fitting clothing is airy and thus ideal for hot days. So leave the skinny jeans in the closet better in the closet and instead go to light clothes, cotton robes or wide-cut linen pants.

Bright shades

Dark colors absorb the warmth, which is why one gets warm faster in dark blue or black clothes.For this reason, bright colors are wonderful on hot days.But do not worry, you do not have to do without dark outfits in the summer:if you choose an airy part in the Oversized-Style from natural materials, you’ll get along well with a hot summer day.The advantage with black clothing is that it allows less UV rays to pass through.

Open shoes

Ballerina shoes are chic, but in the summer, sandals or other shoes are also better, which leave air at the feet and the toes – and so effectively prevent sweating.

Indispensable accessory:head cover

Whether it’s a nice scarf, a summer hat or a casual basecap, the headgear should not be missed during hot days, because it keeps you from sunbathing and is always a nice accessory.Ideal for heat are summer hats with wide brim, which protect the face from direct sunlight.