Style of Jolie Jewelry Collection

Angelina Jolie is really a crazy woman, a happy family, six children, a husband who half the world envies, accelerating careers and to make matters worse it is also a ‘ humanitarian ambassador who is working on new ways to do good and helping children and the most unfortunate people. Today I want to talk about Style of Jolie, an online jewelry really very pretty valuable that Angelina has advertised sfoggiandola at every opportunity!

Angelina Jolie has always shown an incredible commitment to help the most unfortunate people, their donations are a fixture, but also has a ‘charity of its own, created from her that pursuing with commitment and dedication, called Children of conflict and It was created in 2006 to protect child victims of war.

Now the beautiful Jolie has created a line of eye-catching and glamorous jewelry that is called “Style of Jolie” and which is made with semi-precious stones,diamond shiny, finished with impeccable lines and subtle glow. These jewels have been created by Angelina in collaboration jeweler 3RJewelry.

The jewels were presented in preview in recent days and found them in our photo gallery, as you can see there are also images in which Jolie wearing them, necklaces, earrings and bracelets that she wore during “The Tourist” and in its promotion.