Style Classics: British Chic-The Shoe Makers of the Kings

Hand-sewn shoes last forever – they must also, at a price of €5,000. John Lobbs customers are accustomed to such prices. In return the Shoemaker to satisfy even them.

Nicholas Lobb, actually by professional lawyer, has entered the industry of a shoemaker until two years ago. But the most important principle of the over 150-year-old business of his family he has internalized already: “We try to meet our customers every need.” Sneakers? Also that, if need be.

Who is the master tailors of Lobb shoes hand-finished, should be not fickle. Take from order to pick up–at least six months, in which the customer in the best case will no longer change his taste: because not only the shoe sits at the end of, but also the price. About 5000 euros it costs a bespoke pair of fine leather at the London store in the vicinity of St James square. Who loves exotic and want a pair of crocodile leather, has nearly three times as much to slide over the counter.

For the regular customers of Lobb is not worth mentioning. Finally, the shoe manufacturer supplies the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip. Thousands of wooden strips in the business rest until today. They, too, by Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

“If my grandfather today came through the door of the shop, he would recognize everything. It has changed little, except that we use computer today”, says the 42-year-old Nicholas Lobb, who runs the business now in the fifth generation. The guarantee for the survival of the factory seems to be tradition, continuity and attention to detail.

John Lobb boots sent the Prince without asking

In contrast to a Fabrikschuh, which is made in minutes, are at Lobb 190 steps up the shoes or boots by hand are cobbled. At least five master Potter on a pair: the “fitter”, takes the individual dimension, the “last-maker”, carving an exact model of maple or beech, the “pattern” cutter, which cuts the desired pattern, the “clicker”, which adapts the eight leather pieces for the top of the shoe and the “maker”, which put together with the sole.

Lobb employs also own shoeshine boy, bring the masterpiece at the end on high-gloss – no matter whether riding boots, sandals or pumps.

As John Lobb mid of 19th century his first shoe sewed, he had to cope alone, all steps. Actually, the farmer son from Cornwall should step into the footsteps of his parents, but when he broke a leg, was no longer to think about work on the field. In London, he learned the trade of Shoemaker, emigrated to Australia and successfully sold boots with high heels, where the gold-seekers could keep their nuggets.

Branches in Asia, Milan and New York

When he found out the extent of the former Prince of Wales by a coincidence, he sewed a few riding boots and sent it unsolicited to the English Court. The Prince was so enthusiastic about the shoes, that he Lobb to the warrant was appointed, before he returned home in 1866.

The Shoemaker of Lobb took further measure in the economic crisis of the 1930s,while the Nazis “the Flash” threw bombs on London and the shoe store met six times, and also as in the 1970s and 1980s, shoes of the band were produced and issued in bulk in large department stores. Today, the Lobb family has opened branches in Asia, the Middle East and of course in New York, Paris and Milan.

If you Lobb Nicholas asks why customers today instead of a department store model for thousands of euro shoes at Lobb order, he asks back confident: “Anyone who can afford it, wants to make but handmade shoes itself, which last a lifetime or not?”

In October, the London Shoemaker on German tour go. Then they measure the feet of businessmen, artists and well-to-do women in Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Frankfurt. If you have special wishes, can even audition for the masters. Read more on British fashion at!