Striped White Shirt

The supply Guy Rover at Yoox is somewhat random, and as you can have very good models available in plenty of sizes, so you may have little choice, with too much buttoned collar and some plastics. Just stick to safe bets you like this model, the discrete patterns and finishing mat.


The brand is one of the oldest in Italy, founded in Milan this time by Luigia Truzzi. The Truzzi shirts are famous all over the world. It is characterized by a seamless collar and an impeccable cut, crafted by master tailor Ferruccio Ballini, who for decades headed the patronage.

At only 21, he bought in 1924 Truzzi the plant and review the cut and confections shirts, with a selection of advanced tissue.
in 1950, he decided to move to Corso Matteotti without changing the identity and brand name. The method of preparation does not change.
The store then moves in 1997 before being acquired by the Saitt group. The production becomes large scale and uses advanced technology, combined with a careful selection of fabrics. The shirts are distributed only in the best shops

One of the most discrete Neapolitan brands: the buttons are mother of pearl and cubic finishing: they are sewn by hand with the famous houndstooth stitching. Shoulders are sewn by hand. The interlining of the collar is mounted by hand, with removable whale

The shoulder patch is in two parts for a perfect match with the shoulder seam. The sleeves are also sewn to the body of the shirt in his hand.
The bottom is rounded shirts and split with a swallow of stitched reinforcement in hand

In short, it is a Neapolitan brands in the expertise further, but also a less known because its production on a larger scale is relatively recent.

It’s a bit the typical configuration for you to find it on Yoox . At 120 euros, you have a shirt that is worth at least twice.

Mastai Ferretti

Mastai Ferretti is an Italian shirt brand mid-range owned by the Italian company SAITT, specializing in Italian shirt (and which bought Truzzi) but whose products are manufactured in Romania. The cut is rather snug, with pliers bend in the back.

Interesting detail: the fabrics used are often the same as those of Truzzi, but with a more industrial manufacture in Romania, so with lower standards . Make no mistake, we just pass a very good quality just a good quality, but with a very good fabric . There is always swallows on the sides of the English seams, pearl buttons and buttonholes sewn by hand.

In short, a good alternative to entry Truzzi.


Two special features for Canali: a production made in the chain, but performed in the factory own brand, which produces not for anyone else. So you do not have to ask question in this case: no, the factory of this trademark does not occur for another brand sold three times cheaper. Like any Italian brand that has its own workshop and is still hugely popular, Canali has a sacred bunch of products distributed on Yoox, which many basic shirts declined in lot sizes.

The Canali shirts are perfect for the larger sizes, especially since very long arms. It is on the mid-range so the collar stays thermocollé. Beware the cheapest that could even non removable plastic whale models, so less durable.