Streetstyle: Three Trends of Jeanswear

Everybody loves a piece jeans. Also, no wonder! There is nothing more versatile, urban and democratic as a good old pair of jeans. But best of all is to see that there’s no shortage of creativity to explore the tissue and thus create new shapes and new proposals.

Good is also see denim no longer considered just that piece and went on to win status as a fashionitem. The proof of that? During the Paris Fashion Week we saw a lot of stylish people parading through the streets of the city of lights with productions in the jeans was the protagonist according to

Pants in different modeling, jackets and overalls were bets of many fashionistas during the French fashion week!

And in the midst of so many interesting productions, we can identify three trends. Proposals that have won the streets there and that guaranteelooks modern, young, hipsters and yet with information sets. Want to see what are?

Destroyed (destroyed)

There are some seasons the jeans destroyed won the most flowers. Torn, threadbare, a little off, it ensures a visual act full of attitude. However, what we see in Paris is that now it is the turn of the pants destroyed anyway. Shavers that turned into a rasgadão. Knees right out, too. Who likes?

Want to invest in this trend in that torn and frayed transform traditional jeans? The new collection of Patogê brings several options of pants in this proposal. Some bolder (left) and some more discreet (on the right). But all rasgadinhas. See here.

Shredded Bar

The shredded bar my jeans definitely is the bet of 9 between 10 fashionistas. Great balcony to update the piece, huh? It seems that many have decided to put the scissors in his pants and left her on the ankle. Others cut asymmetrically: the front a bit shorter than the back. This proposal is current and is very interesting when used with a boot crew socks. But, if the day is hot, leave the boot of hand and bet on the cool and comfortableslider.

While some pieces have “domesticated”, others arrive more worked up and with most striking and frayed. Regardless of your preference, the tip is:gamble your pants with frayed bar!

This trend also appears in the collection of the Patogê. More discreet, it brings extra charm to skinny and flare pants. The template that gives the impression that the bar was undone. This contemporary twist leaves the play much more desirable, eh? Click here to see other models of the brand .

Oversized Jackets

The denim jacket is back in thanks of everyone, you already knew that, right? Remember that we had here a lot of jackets that won last season’s runners of SPFW. But the novelty of the time is that they get maximized, oversized, picked up from her boyfriend.

This proposal is super cool and let any visual much more interesting. Valley use the mix jeans + jeans or with romantic dresses–so you balance the production.

And during the Paris Fashion Week, who also used an oversized denim jacket was our Publisher Ludmilla Rangel. Lud chose a male modelPatogê to compose a production with the boyfriend jeans, the brand too. The result was a modern, cool and very urban. Inspiration for you to enjoy a day of leisure in style!

What Is The Trend That You Wish To Use?