Stella McCartney Runway Dresses

Last Tuesday in New York there was a big event in support of the re-election of President Barack Obama , the “Runway to Win”, which was attended by numerous celebrities. Among the godmothers of the evening there was the actress Scarlett  Johansson, who stepped on the stage and was made to accompany the beautiful twin brother Hunter, who has chosen to wear a nice dress black with sensual transparency of the British fashion designer Stella McCartney. A truly intriguing maxi dress that Johansson was able to wear it with the class and elegance that distinguishes it in every social event.

The Stella McCartney dresses are so loved and appreciated for elegance and extreme simplicity in the lines, that a little ‘all women would like to have at least one of his creations in her wardrobe. They ‘also why many brand low cost fashion have tried to offer a cheaper alternative to those who can not afford the areas of clothing designers British: remember the transparent dress with polka dots that was copied successfully by Mango? Who knows if the dress worn by Scarlett will not soon be replicated in a more affordable version.

At the event, presented by the dreaded director of US Vogue Anna Wintour, Scarlett Johansson was shown in all its beauty in this so sensual dress coordinated with impeccable accessories for a look total black of great refinement. The clutch bag, black leather and quilted, was really glamorous and taste a bit ‘retro though, my favorite item is definitely the sandals, a beautiful model with ankle strap high heels and total absence of plateau, as they want the trends for next spring 2012. And what do you think of Scarlett Johansson looks? You like or would you have changed something about her outfit?