Squash Basics How to Play Squash

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Squash is a return game in which two or four players compete. Depending on these matches are referred to as single or double. This ball sports held in a squash court. There’s this special squash rackets and Squashbälle. It is considered objective, to suggest that the opponents can no longer reach them before he twice touched the ground the ball. The peculiarity of squash is that the players share the playing field and the walls in the game are involved. Squash originated in the mid of the 19th century in England. This ball game in Germany reached the final recovery but only in the 1970s.

To this right to be able to play sports, the courts are necessary. These courts are limited by four walls and are 9.75 metres long and 6.4 metres wide. The rear panel at the squash usually consists of shatterproof safety glass, so that the audience and the referee can watch the game. All walls made of safety glass, so a wider audience can watch are in major tournaments. Beside the right sportswear and sports shoes, the lines and the clubs are important for a regulated gaming experience with the squash. The ball in the sport of squash consists of rubber and has a diameter of 39.0 to 40.5 millimetres. In addition, it weighs between 23.5 and 24.5 grams. In the hollow ball, a drop is contained liquefied petroleum gas developed its full bounce after the hot games. The thugs in the squash is heavier than a Badminton racket, but lighter than a tennis racket and consists mostly of graphite.