In a Congested World, Pedaling Gains More Followers

Getting On The Saddle And Winning The World No Longer Fits The Label Just For Sport Or Entertainment

There will be a day when the human being will cross the cities aboard a light, practical, cheap, quiet, non-polluting and undoubtedly charming vehicle. Yes, because the attribute of elegance, these days, is not unrelated to ecological correction – just as practicality does not dispense with beauty. In fact, this little masterpiece of design has already circulated among us for over a century and with the usual features: pedals, handlebars, saddle, chain, frame and basket.

Bicycle is the zen state of the means of transportation. And whoever thinks this is a cricket bug is wrong. Now, strolling around the city with the camel is cool. This is the flag of the cycle chic, urban trend that allows cyclists to use and abuse the style when cycling. Its supporters preach that the bike should be inside the wardrobe, that is, incorporated into daily life. Going to college, to work, to shopping, to ballads-all these itineraries can be done on two wheels.

This shift in mentality has other implications. The urban cyclist’s uniform, for example, is basically composed of jeans or shorts and stylish shirts. Pedaling is no longer an exclusive activity for athletes. Circling back and forth on the bike is a sustainable and (post) modern attitude, as can be seen in several European capitals. In Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam, bicycles already rival cars.

In Denmark, 40% of the population uses the bicycle as a means of transport. It is no wonder that the Nordic country is considered the cradle of the cycle chic. The term began to become popular thanks to the photographer and Danish filmmaker Mikael Colville-Andersen, responsible for blog Copenhagen Cycle Chic. Launched in 2006, the site posts photos of people who pedal with style.

What To Wear On The Pedal?

  1. Comfortable clothes are recommended
    2. Avoid tights
    3. Miniskirts may show more than they should
    4. Scarves help protect the hair
    5. Shoes should attach to the heels
    6. Flannels are useful for changing chains and tires
    7. There are gloves Which help prevent corns
    8. A stylish helmet gives the finishing touch

Safety Tips For The Rider:

  1. Be polite
    2. Obey the traffic laws
    3. Always signal your intentions
    4. Wear light or flashy clothing
    5. Keep the reflectors clean
    6. Avoid busy streets and avenues
    7. Keep right and in the direction of hand
    8 Do not zigzag
    9. Learn to listen to the traffic
    Source: Escola de Bicicleta / Curitiba Cycle Chic / Gata de Rodas

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