Summer Sleeping Bags Camping

Sleeping bags for the summer period are used from June to August. It does not matter whether you love to wander around our country after our own, on a bicycle or car, we’re setting up camp somewhere. Sleep in a good quality sleeping bag will certainly be a pleasant alternative resting outside the bed.

The average temperatures at this time typically of 15 ° C, and these are sufficient for comfortable spend nights outdoors. Summer sleeping bags have the advantage of low weight. In the event that you store them in compression packages, will take up a minimum of space. They can easily be folded into small backpacks.

Overnight in spring

In the case of a cooler summer, do not hesitate to choose three-season sleeping bags. It is a universal types for staying overnight during the spring, summer and autumn. Thicker insulation layer of protection against the cold more. When selecting a specific monitor temperature determining the sleeping bag provided by the manufacturer covered on

The common trips to the countryside is also suitable sleeping bag for two. If you enjoy sleeping together, along with a partner or spouse, is an ideal solution. The second option is that sleeping bags can be combined with each other fasteners. Cheaper than buying two sleeping bags come out, for example, Condor sleeping bag for two PLUS. This three-season sleeping bag is mummy with a zipper along the entire length and has a modified collar and drawstring hood. The collapse is smaller and lighter than conventional fasteners sleeping. In standard sizes to fit two people normally higher figures, up to a maximum of about 190 cm in height.

Sleeping bag for summer time

Summer sleeping bags have a lower insulation capability, but you can also find options for colder days. Light sleeping bag for summer time is mostly adapted to the minor frosts to about -5 ° C. The smaller minus temperatures can be used as summer sleeping bag Loap, summer quilt sleeping bag Loap hoodie, mummy or parameters for boating and hiking. Up to -10 ° C, it will play a warm summer sleeping bag Hannah Sensor and -5 ° C wide and spacious sleeping bag quilt Coleman. Cosily with zachumláte into a spacious mumiového Coleman sleeping bag to -7 ° C and the women appreciate the ladies mummy sleeping bag Coleman to -5 ° C.

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