Spectacular Dresses in Yellow

At is time I’ll show you a beautiful selection of gowns in yellow color with designs short cocktail and extended for special events that are carried out at night. This cheerful colour is excellent for the warmest season of the year, and also seat great girls with tanned skin or brown skin.

How to Combine a Yellow Prom Dress?

The possibilities are many depending on the outcome you want to achieve, as EQuzhou suggests. If your goal is to give you the main role to your dress yellow then you have to choose shoes color nude.

A pair of shoes or sandals in golden color will give you a touch of glamour perfect for elegant occasions. With black shoes you will be able to create a very chic and striking contrast.

If your style is sophisticated and sober select shoes in brown or Maroon. If you are looking for a more daring contrast dress is a strong yellow tone, then select shoes in bright colors such as electric, Fuchsia, turquoise or purple blue.

And if you like prints animal print then I recommend that you combine your yellow dress with Leopard print shoes. Be very careful with this last combination, because although it is spectacular, there are many prints and many yellow, if you do not want to take risks chooses a dress mustard yellow and combine it with shoe prints in shades of Brown.

And remember to complement the look with accessories simple and discrete, and always avoids at all costs a very ornate result because if not look vulgar.

Short Dresses in Yellow

Model #1:

Beautiful prom dress short yellow neck boat, straight cut and original short sleeve. This prom dress is perfect to attend a wedding both day and night.

Model #2:

Fabulous prom dress short in yellow color is perfect for the spring season and the summer season. To my especially I love this party dress.

Model #3:

Short prom dress seductive in pale yellow color, with pronounced cleavage, heart shape, cut snug with size at the waist and skirt up to knee height. This prom dress is perfect for a wedding.

Model #4:

Beautiful short party dress yellow lace with black lining, simple cut with boat type neckline, sleeve three-quarters and large opening in the back. This short dress is perfect for a party not so formal.

Long Yellow Prom Dresses

Model #1:

Elegant prom dress long yellow cake, with asymmetrical neckline, draped top and belt with flower satin and cut skirt siren. This long dress is perfect for an elegant party.

Model #2:

Original prom dress long yellow gold, gold lace overlay sleeveless and boat type neckline top, draped cummerbund and long skirt with many flying diagonals. This long dress is perfect for an original wedding.

Model #3:

Seductive party dress long yellow effect with two parts: top without sleeves, neckline in V, integrated waist, and long skirt with front opening and flight. This long dress is perfect for a graduation party.

Model #4:

Beautiful prom dress in lemon-yellow colour, with neckline honor, draped top, trim black tie on the side of the waist and gauzy skirt with tail. This long dress is perfect for a wedding.

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