Some Tips to Decorate the Small Room Properly

Mirrors, light colors and furniture are solutions planned to decorate a small bedroom.

The small room, single or double, is the more intimate atmosphere of the House. A true haven for rest, he needs to be comfortable and respect privacy proposal.

The room decor not usually impose a lot of problems, after all, just work with common sense and creativity to choose and position the elements. However, the situation becomes a little more complicated when the Division’s space is limited.

The first step in decorating a small room is to produce a good design. The resident needs to think of ways to take advantage of the available dimensions without compromising the comfort.

Tips for decorating small room

Check out a selection of Tips for decorating small room:

1 – mirrors that extend

To provoke the feeling of spaciousness in the bedroom, it is worth investing in the mirrors. These parts can be present on the wall or door of the closet.

2-bespoke Furniture

The planned mobile are able to enjoy every centimeter of the small room. An interesting idea to optimize space is embed the bed between the closet doors and put underneath cabinets, facilitating storage of bedding.

3-the vertical space should be well spent

The walls are great allies to seize space in the small room. To use this vertical area, it’s worth betting on niches and shelves.

4-well thought out Lighting

At the time of drawing up the project of enlightenment, it is recommended to avoid loose fixtures and give preference to wall sconces or pending, because do not occupy useful space.

5-colors that extend

Light colors, especially white, make environment larger than it really is. Thus, it is recommended to give preference to these shades in choosing the curtains and paint the walls.


A space seem larger when everything is organized and properly cleaned.

7-essential Furniture

Small room should be decorated only with essential furniture. Unnecessary items may end up compromising the movement within the space. The pe chosen must also be proportionate, as is the case of bed and wardrobe.

8-colorful accessories

The room does not need to have only light colors in the decoration. If the tenant wants to give a colorful touch to the environment, he can bet on accessories, bedding and pillows.

9-space for movement

The room must have a space reserved for the movement. So, the decorators recommend to leave a free area of at least 60 cm around the bed.

And there? Do you have more suggestions for decorating a small room? Leave your tip in the comments.