Some Tips for Plus Size Brides

The ideal wedding dress is one that emphasizes its attributes and disguises imperfections, whether you’re skinny or chubby. If you’re part of a team of fatties and have no idea what dress to wear, check out the following tips and models of dresses for plus size brides.

Plus size models

The best models for plus size brides, according to experts, are those of cut-through, without Division on the line of the abdomen, as is the case with the bodice and skirt or models with patches at the waist.

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Brides who have very bust should avoid strapless and spaghetti straps, as they can enhance the shoulder and do not give support to the breasts. In addition, analyze the liner finish is also important because it must be reinforced to give sustenance to the bust and leave the dress at the body.

To soften the arms, brides who have big arms should use models with manguinha. Three-quarter sleeve models, seven eighths and including the long. Not to make a mistake when buying, avoid models with heavy fabrics and sleeves closedtoo much. Prefer lightweight fabrics such as tulle and crêpe.

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Models according to the body type

Lower brides should avoid pleats and horizontal details models, with bodice or syrup very extensive, as they can decrease them further. To mitigate the protruding belly, prefer models with cutouts, just below the breasts and lightweight fabrics such as crepe skirts – that does not mark the tummy and hips.

It is necessary to pay attention to the model of the dress and choose which is according to your body type. Between colors ideals are: cream, off White or classic white. Avoid colored models as the reds. Not to be too conspicuous, choose the model that has little brilliance, especially in regions such as the bust and the abdominal area.

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By following these tips, the chances of making mistakes will be minimal. However, always take into account that model that you feel comfortable. The makeup and hairstyle also must comply. Remember perfect at all points.