Solid Wood Beds

Surrounded by stable with solid wood beds

Solid wood beds, as the name says, are made of solid wood and very popular. They are characterised by their stable built scaffolding and are available mainly in beech and oak. A piece of nature is purchased with a bed made of solid wood. The bed exudes therefore a pleasant scent of wood and reminiscent of idyllic woodland walks. To get this impression, the structure of the wood should always be seen. This is individual in any solid wood bed and so each model thanks to its wood structure and in spite of same model but in its own way is a single piece.

To get the wood structure, solid wood beds are not deleted but supplied with a glaze which can still shine through the wooden structure. Thus, the color choice of the bed frame from the color of the wood used is determined so that it is always bright, dark or reddish wood of choice. Often, beds of this type in bedroom sets can be purchased, which contain other furniture made of solid wood. These include furniture such as coffee tables, chests of drawers or cabinets. There are also solid wood beds that also have the convenient property of function bed with built-in bed boxes or drawers and are therefore very popular. Solid wood is very durable, a bed is purchased with the purchase, that is many years of use and allows for a good night’s sleep.