Solar LED Lights in Innsbruck

In the city of Innsbruck, the shopping centre was equipped with an impressive new lighting Dec. An innovative combination of alternative solar energy and the State of the art LED is used this technique. With the energy-neutral combination the municipality can save not only a lot of money, she invested in a technique that is more than reasonable in relation to the world’s dwindling energy resources and has a promising future in the long term. All municipalities in Austria follow this good example, soon huge sums of money could be saved and used otherwise for the citizens.

The LED solar lights at come from operating without power when the Sun seems sufficient. It only the acquisition cost and the maintenance cost must be calculated, which however will pay for themselves within a short time. The solar LED luminaire can be used anywhere, whether as LED spotlights for large areas or small solar LED are very diverse spots for precise illumination of small areas – the ways to use the solar LED lights. The technique even for countries where the Sun seems particularly common is a sensible solution. The installation of the lights is simple, because it is required no cabling technology and solar LED lamps are immediately ready for use after installation.

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