Solar Charger for Your USB Gadgets

Taking into account the possibility of using renewable energy is interesting to consider options such as XD Design Solar, a USB charger ideal for our small gadgets.

Solar Charger for Your USB Gadgets

A really sleek design, XD Design fits into your windows thanks to the included suction cup. From that moment begins to capture the Sun’s rays to store energy in its inner battery 1400mAh.

While the capacity of the battery not is extremely large if us will allow perform loads to the majority of our devices as phones mobile, players of mp3, etc … it load not is produces until not plugged our gadget via USB to the charger. And It has two outlets, a microUSB and other USB standard with an output of 5V/500mA.

The price of XD Design Solar is 49 euros and three colors to choose from, white, black and green. There are more options, but I think that aesthetics and price can be the best. The same manufacturer also has other models with an interesting design as XD Solar Sunflower that simulates a plant pot or XD Suntree, our solar tree.

Inspired by the, SanDisk has launched on the market the SanDisk Ducati Edition USB Flash Drive, that is, the pen Ducati, to understand us. With a clear form of Red colin, as well as offering design exclusive and biker, is memories USB 4 or 8 GB, with transfer rates of 20 MB/s (not to be confused with Mbps, talked of MegaBytes per second).

The price, would perhaps the DUCATIS are affordable to everyone? As they are about 90 euros for 4 GB of memory with a beautiful design. I don’t buy it, but because I have many memories of these…