Sofa Inflatable Puff Sleeping Bag for Beach Camping Green

Product Details: Braslu: Inflatable Sofa Mattress Magico Puff Sleeping Bag For Camping Green Beach

Ultra lightweight and easily inflatable, extremely comfortable. Relax in the park, on the beach anywhere, anytime. A product with lifestyle innovation, it was created to relax perfectly anywhere. Inflatable sofa that fills the air within seconds is super comfortable and can be described as a smart combination of an inflatable sofa with simple filling, technique used in dry-cleaning bags.

No external pump is needed!
So it can be inflated and emptied in a few seconds and stored in a small backpack, giving you the opportunity to carry your sleeping bag wherever you want.
This makes the sleeping bag the perfect product for all outdoor activities such as festivals, camping, BBQ, swimming, walking in the park and on the beach. And because of its durable, super tough nylon fabric, it can be used under the most extreme conditions, for example in the sand of the beach.
This could only be achieved through a multi-stage development process focusing on materials, technology, design functionality, as well as high standards of quality and environmental sustainability.

Easy to use, it can be a comfortable bed or sofa, which you can fill with air within seconds using our unique filling technique.
Simply swing the bag through the air to fill it completely.
When you finish resting easily empty the bag, wrap and store it in the carrying bag.
Compact, lightweight, large and comfortable.
It is easily emptied and stored in a small package that allows you to take it anywhere you want!
Fairly lightweight yet strong and durable fabric will ensure that you can use the sleeping bag more and more times.
Easy to clean product, and moisture repellent, can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap.
As a result the sleeping bag is the perfect companion for all your outdoor activities such as travel, festivals, beach walks, swimming pools, park walk, and more.

How To Use:
Unfold the mattress open the opening of the bag and using the wind, make movements so that it enters the opening, after it is filled with air, close the opening.
Do the same with the other opening, close it and then just enjoy it!
To empty at the end is just open the openings for the air to come out.

Recommendations For Use:
– Duration of 3 to 5 hours approximately, not to force the product.
– Not to exceed 120kg limit
– Do not use perforating objects
– Do not walk on the mat
– Do not use corrosive objects
– One person at a time not to force the product
– Do not play with throwing or jumping on the product
– Small children of 8 Years or people with reduced physical or psychic ability should be supervised by adult when using
– Ideal for outdoor seating

It comes with a free bag to store the product


Folded Size:
Width: 35 cm
Height: 15 cm
Length: 26 cm

Open size:
Width: 240 cm
Height: 70 cm

– Nylon material
– Waterproof and quick-drying fabric