The sofa bed is a functional piece of furniture that takes us from many troubles of space. What I have prepared is a selection of sofa beds that besides being functional and comfortable, have an innovative design and are perfectly integrated in a modern and relaxed atmosphere.


Sofa Cosma. Cosma modular sofa is not only made bed, they can make it a different sofa almost every day. We can change the arms, make it chaise longue, vary their support, etc. As you can see, the sofa bed Cosma can satisfy almost all your needs. Is incredible, right?

Sofa Luxe. Its refined and unusual design, along with its padded seat of chic style, this sofa bed makes an excellent choice if you are looking for is a functional sofa as well as modern.

Sofa Transformer. Sofa Transformer is certainly inspired by the legendary robots, according to foodanddrinkjournal. Its designer Roel Kaptein Verhagen has created a very versatile Cabinet composed of 10 pieces that can combine and adapt together to turn it into a sofa, armchair or even bed. As we can see, we have a sofa that adapts to all kinds of places and circumstances.

Sofa bed Nesting. Designer Sergio Bicego has achieved with its sofa bed Nesting for the firm Saba Italy, combining design and functionality of a form incredible. His secret is in creating an asymmetrical sofa which opens to form a half moon and, along with its twin, forming a perfectly round bed.