Social Network Rivets

“Trendy companion for social networks”: Samsung is the name of the Corby delivered with two Mobile Shell 2. Our test shows why Facebook and Twitter clients not sufficient to prevent the cheap touch cell phone somewhere in the basement of the leaderboard.

Much has in comparison to the predecessor Samsung S3650 Corby not done. The most important and best new feature is certainly the Wi-Fi support. The display has made bigger with 3.14 inch Samsung, the resolution remains with 240 x 320 pixels but at lowest level. The contrast-weak Corby 2 is only one of the back courts in the display test.

What remains is the target group of the Corby: with three colored mobile phone shells, of which only two included are included, and a social-networking focus, Samsung is increasingly on a younger buyers. The cheap plastic look and the slippery surface will hardly appeal but also the young users.

Minimalist Facilities With Poor Camera
Swabs must make the buyer even when the internal memory: the has shrunk in comparison to the predecessor to all 60 MB to 25 MB. At least you can upgrade your phone via microSD card up to 16 GB. In the mauen comes with such a map is however nor included as a data cable or a headset via PerComputer. So anyone who wants to use the strongest reception FM radio or the music player, must either with 3, 5 mm jack plug have a headphone or in addition buy one – for mobile phones in this price range almost already usual.

With a resolution of 2 megapixels, the camera of the Corby 2 take photos without Flash and autofocus. Within its possibilities the cam delivers reasonably usable, but color distorted and overexposed pictures. The camera has bigger problems, however, with transitions from light to dark in difficult lighting conditions.

Many Home Screens, Little Apps
The Corby 2 has a proprietary operating system with the above UI Touchwiz 3.0. You can distribute widgets on a total of seven home screens. The switch between the screens works fine, the widget selection is very limited and you can extend the store “Samsung apps” with little cool applications.

Lame Loading And Facebook Glitches
The Corby 2 should cover the whole range of modern communication with Wi-Fi, Facebook, E-Mail clients, and SMS. But big weaknesses in the messaging functions show in practice. The connect with Facebook proved to be real game of patience in the test with Wi-Fi, as well as with EDGE. The login succeeded only after all five attempts. You must give up the fleet data standard UMTS anyway. And also when browsing with Wi-Fi on Facebook, very conservative and extremely pixelated represented by the client, the Corby gave out several times the “Timed for server connection” error message.

Also, you should schedule intensive excursions in the mobile Internet with the Corby 2. Although the compact touch phone correctly represents the most pages, however, on the small, poorly-definition display, they seem extremely pixelated and cluttered.Also, browsing the mobile network with annoying latency is connected. The Corby 2 needed for the full development of the CHIP homepage via EDGE nearly 40 seconds.Flash does not support the mobile, but it plays YouTube videos.

T9-Terror And Loss Of Office
The navigation proved to be extremely frustrating in the test. On the somewhat imprecise touchscreen you mistyped quickly, because the navigation icons are represented in very small. Enter the text the Corby 2 also provides a throwback to the dark ages of T9: typing SMS or Facebook records unit to fight with the tiny, poorly-speaking virtual Ziffentasten, because the phone has no virtual QWERTY keyboard -.not even in landscape mode! To enter special characters, you must go on top of that awkward in different levels. Fürs business is good for the Corby 2 limited: although it receives mail from Microsoft Exchange servers, can view but not Office files.

Persistent Battery, Fluctuating Acoustics
During the telephone conversation, the Corby is very ambiguous. While convincing volume and clarity on calls, the handsfree with unnatural sound and oversteer at high volume levels has failed completely. The blackouts in the dial-up that showed multiple the Corby 2 during our tests were weird. The performance of the battery, however, moves in the good range. About five hours of talk time with full GSM transmitter power and almost 10 hours at the time surfing deserve praise.

Samsung offers a cheap phone for the young target group with the Corby 2. Stupid only that puts the Corby 2 still in puberty and is too often stubborn and opinionated shows. The Facebook widget is often a total failure, the agony and the lame browser pulls writing lyrics with the T9 keyboard on the nerves. Despite the low price of currently 105 euro the Corby 2 is a disappointment without a contract, despite the good battery life with Wi-Fi module and good music player and ends up beaten down far back in our Mobile leaderboard.

You prefer an Android Smartphone with all the benefits of the app markets, a good touch screen, virtual QWERTY keyboard and fixed UMTS data connections? Then we recommend that you Samsung Galaxy 3 i5800, for the already Android version 2.2 is available. With up-to-date about 130 euro It costs only slightly more than the Corby 2 without a contract, but is far superior in all aspects!