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Playing football without a goal is as useful as diving without water or dressage without a horse. It takes basically taken doesn’t do much for this sport, but a ball and two goals are what is definitely needed. In principle one can build a soccer goal out of all kinds of things, the main thing is, at the end, that can ‘ round in the square ‘. If less creatively ambitious you are, which can leave the craft and Pottering also others and ordered a professional soccer goal on the Internet. Soccer goals are typically made of aluminum. This has the advantage that the gates as a result are very light and easy to transport. It is often the case that you needed only half playing field for a football game. Then it is an ultimate advantage if it the goals easy to reach to two or four can transport from A to B.

As in football of all strict rules follows, are strictly dictated the dimensions of a soccer goal. The distance between the inside edges of the posts must be 7.32 m exactly. High, a football goal must be 2.44 m. These unusual values arise from the data of 8 feet x 8 yards. Yards and feet are common lengths are in England, the mother country of football. The mass of the crossbar and the post are exactly. These may be only 12 cm wide and deep. In addition to the aluminium frame, the network is the second important component of the football gate. This is attached normally on the frame and on the ground and must leave enough room in the gate the goalkeeper. The network serves the ball after a particularly strong-protection does not back out of the gate flies out, but stays in this. This saves time and helps a liquid football game without interruptions part.

Soccer goals – home advantage in the garden

Are you a football fan or even active players? Then is promptly should look at our performance. Whether you believe it or not, you can kick loose a penalty in the home garden home. We offer soccer goals in various sizes, made of wood or hard plastic. Guaranteed every shot is a hit!

Regular training with the team as we know is lots of fun. If you just can’t get enough and want to file something on your condition and shooting technique during training breaks, nothing in the way now from now. There are football goals not only for ‘ s pitch. Soon could be a great piece for you in the garden. Now order your personal goal and enjoy the clear home advantage. The extensive range of soccer goals includes several models, among them even the legendary soccer goals with integrated gate wall, known from the “TV sports show”. Do it right to the prominent kickers. Practice makes perfect here. Opt for “bottom right” or “left” and soon amaze your neighborhood with skillful marksmanship. Soccer goals are the ideal training partner for big and small players. Stroll through the great new products and protect yourself and your kids best equal to an own goal. Surprise your teammates and your coach with a greatly improved performance at the next training. Soccer goals provide professionals, hobby and leisure kickers always fun and lots of good mood.