SOAP dispenser

Soap dispenser – for the practical dosing of liquid soap

Soap dispenser are the most hygienic form, in the bathroom or in the kitchen as SOAP or washing lotions. Liquid soap or liquid washing lotions are poured into him. These can be dosed relatively precisely as required pump pressure on the hand. A SOAP dispenser has the advantage that not every guest in your bathroom contains the SOAP. This has the advantage that bacteria can spread itself even worse. He must not be taken in the hand, but can be operated with one hand by pressing thumb on the pumping mechanism and so the SOAP in the hollow hand carried.

Soap dispenser is there in all imaginable shapes and colors. The most beautiful models are made of ceramic with metal head, but also models made of plastic in the retro look. Some are offered in a set with a toothbrush tumbler. The refill function is all SOAP dispenser models. You can buy your favorite liquid soap and fill in according to aroma scent wishes and season. This is very fast and without spill. Simply unscrew the head from the SOAP dispenser and pour the liquid soap. A pump twice, and already you have hygienic freshness in bathroom and kitchen.