Smartphone Market: Analyst Expectations

Revolutions after Christmas ’11 expected
No, do not worry, I will not succumb to the temptation to say goodbye to Mr Apple , because I have already done that in principle. Likewise, I will not let myself be dragged over the iPhone 4S or pull me about how unbelievably agreed the international press was in their disappointment over the upgrade by Tim Cook, let alone, how enviously for example a company Acer on So a world-wide free-propaganda (even bad advertising is yes advertising) might have been. No, I’m just going to get rid of the daily routine, there’s no way around. So instead I am looking at the forecasts of some modern viewers, also called “analysts”, which-unlike the rest of the non-specialist press-before the 4th October, a quite realistic picture of the upcoming market conditions in the smartphone area Were able.
From the term “Android, WindowsPhone OS, iOS5, but also Samsung Nexus Prime, HTC Titanium and radar as well as Nokia Mango smartphone” the analyst ( or the analysts not named by the digitimes ) shakes a rhyme, no they are tinkering Like a handmade coffee set, and then draw their conclusions.

Ok, the big conglomerate Microsoft/Nokia will cut off a small part of the cake, is actually fixed. The estimate of the quoted from “about 5 per cent market share” seems to be rather conservative, but much more likely to count only in 5 steps and 10 per cent would have looked too daring. The launch shot for the attack on the rest of the smartphone world by the two former market leaders should be fairly safe on October 26, because on this day Nokia will probably use the phones HTC Radar and HTC Titan as the first Nokia Mango/WP7-Smartphones on its “Nokia World”.

The presentation of the new Nexus Prime is expected from Samsung during the CTIA trade show in the USA, two weeks earlier, more precisely on October 11th. This will be the latest version of the “Ice Cream Sandwich”. Main feature of the “Prime” is probably the 1.5GHz clock rate quite fast DualCore processor, which performs under the 4.65 inch display its work.Despite the enormous equipment selection, the ladies and/or gentlemen coffee substitutes see the proportion of the Android devices in the overall market but rather sink. Up to 50 percent, or even 40 percent market penetration can go down there, is fabulated, in favor of Windows, iOS or others.

Yes and Apple? The iOS to be found today in approximately 20 per cent of all smartphone usershowers, from the 12.10 then available in version 5, will also spread further. The low-price of the models 3Gs, iPhone 4/8GB, etc. is to ensure among other things in the extremely populous China for a further steeply growing growth curve, so that the Californians a further 5 per cent parcel to 25 per cent in the total market is trusted. Perhaps the hardware upgrade on the iPhone 4S with a doubled CPU core and greatly improved rendering capabilities is rated by the customer somewhat less amateurish than by the above-mentioned plagiarism press, yes perhaps people know that even appreciate and you can Thereby once again surpassing the expectations; In Puncto’s growth, Apple is always good for a surprise.

A residual risk for the group from Cuppertino is however in the fact that not quite as strong buyers could push their buying intention into the future, until the iPhone 5 comes for example. Should it be after the introduction of the real 5th generation-probably in 2012-then again so that the “undifferentiated” the part speak badly, or even the bonus of the all-encompassing coverage of every little apple growing up to then But unfortunately also very quickly go in the other direction. I do not want to paint the black Pennystock-Peter on the wall, but as you feel just before the insolvency, the Apple shareholders have probably already experienced one or the other time.

The 100 percent missing portions in the forecast are probably distributed on WebOS and MeeGo devices, a few other small proprietary developments and, of course, the Amazon Kindle Fire.