Smarthome – Safe, Economical and Comfortable

Digitization is unquestionably one of the megatrends of our time. The Internet of Things and the rapidly increasing processing of information in real-time determine more and more our everyday life, sometimes without us. Smart Home – the intelligent home – is one of the most tangible effects of this development. 

Smarthome - Safe, Economical and Comfortable 2

Even fifteen years ago, a house with remote-controlled technology and networked devices was an exot, much amazed, but without practical value for Otto Normalverbraucher. Today, we are experiencing smart home offers for everyone from a wide range of industries. All want to get a piece of the cake – Consulting companies forecast in Germany by 2025 a turnover of 19 billion euros for smart home products.

Smart Home Affects Many Providers

Energy suppliers offer intelligent heating controls and rely on the spare effect. Insurance companies sell smart home appliances bundled with a household insurance. Through smoke detectors, water monitors, door and window contacts, they expect a reduction in the frequency of damage, but they prove that they are not only present in the event of damage, but are always committed to the safety of their customers. At the suppliers of entertainment electronics the comfort idea comes first: universal plug and play solutions end the frustration when connecting different devices. Photos, movies and music are centrally stored and available everywhere. Telecommunication providers are a part of all Smart Home solutions, as they are usually the transmission technology, such as WLAN routers.

Smart Lighting Concepts Offer Many Advantages

At we dedicate ourselves to intelligent lighting solutions under the keyword Smart Home. They combine the essential aspects of safety, economy and comfort. Light creates security: it distributes “opaque persons” outdoors and simulates an inhabited home even during your absence through intelligent circuits. Our LEDs are economical anyway. And when they are turned on only when the light is needed, they consume even less energy. Our main goal when designing a smart lighting solution is your personal comfort, the feel-good factor in your home.

Light Control From The Sofa Per App

We are focusing on the traditional brand OSRAM in the smart-home sector . The technology group offers highly innovative and yet easy-to-handle products with the Lightify series. Do you have a wireless router at home? Perfect, the essential prerequisite for the use of OSRAM Lightify is already fulfilled.

We recommend Lightify, among other things, because it is very easy to install – without any building work, without laying cables, even with existing lamps and appliances. The heart of the system is the Lightify Gateway, You will not find any buttons and switches on this compact module in vain. All you need to install the switchboard of your SmartHome is a wireless router, a free socket and the Lightify app, which is free for Apple iOS and Android. An individual serial number of your gateway allows you to securely register it in the app. Now you can control up to fifty connected Lightify devices in up to 16 groups via your smartphone or tablet with a single gateway.

Lamps, Switches, Sockets, String Lights

According to Incredibleflashlight, lightify’s LED bulbs have normal screw threads and fit into any existing lamp. We have the right solution for both the large version E27 and a candle-shaped LED lamp for decorative lighting with E14 socket. Many of these lamps have special functions such as dimmability and adjustable light color. Lightify products with the popular bayonet base GU10 are available for lighting systems which have previously been operated with halogen spots. Indirect light and showcase lighting are realized by Lightify Flex Strips. With simple wipe gestures, you can also control these effects conveniently via the app. Special plugs and socketscan also be integrated into the Lightify controller. You can, for example, switch on floor lamps, but also other electrical appliances. Particularly practical: The radio sockets have a repeater function, thus extending the spatial range of your gateway in large apartments and houses. A motion sensor and a radio switch with magnetic wall mount complete the Lightify system for indoor applications.

At the front door, your smart home system is still far from ending: Surprising your guests at the next garden party with effective exterior lightingin changing colors. What is fun at home is, by the way, perfect for commercial applications – in hotels, gastronomy and presentation of goods. Provide your customers with OSRAM Lightify a smart lighting experience!