Smart Phone with Large Touch Screen

The P900 with touch screen and huge memory eliminates the PDA. We have tested the latest function wonder by Sony Ericsson and tell you whether the small weaknesses of its predecessor P800 were eliminated.

A convenient address and appointment management, extensive data capabilities and the input via stylus on the touch-sensitive display make the P900 a real replacement for the PDA. With the P900, the Swedish Japanese joint venture already presents his second Jack of all trades cell phone.

The P800 offered much facilities, but showed minor weaknesses in practice. Whether Sony Ericsson has improved with the successor to the right places, you will learn in the test.

Equipment: Camcorders And MP3 Players

Not only the Organizer functions are so smart, what makes the P900. The Sony-Ericsson mobile phone offers plenty of entertainment with digital camera and MP3 player.

Even the six centimeter-long giant display is too short to show all functions on the main menu. There is one of the highlights, for example, the camera function allows you record images in VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels) or small videos. The length of the video is determined by the amount of space. 15.5 MByte of internal memory are available for free, Sony Ericsson also provides with the P900 a 32 MB of big memory stick duo off.

The memory can become engorged with MP3 files. With a mouse click, they simply land on the smart phone following In the test, a three minute-long piece on the P900 was transferred in about one and a half minutes. The MP3 files can be used also as a ring tone. On top of a Java-engine, which supports also downloads in Sony-Ericsson’s own playing Mophun format. To do this, there is the possibility of installing symbian-based applications on the P900. A small selection, for example, currency converter and world clock, provides the manufacturer immediately.

Call profiles, which quickly and easily customize the ringing tones to different situations (loud environment or meeting) are what’s really missing the P900. Also, voice control, voice dialing and recording voice memos dominates the smart phone.

The software of our test unit was largely stable. Only for fast switching between functions, the P900 allowed himself a little computer break, at it bleated that too little (working) memory is present. Since then helped only a restart in a few cases.

The scope of supply is abundant: A slightly shaky cradle with integrated USB cable belongs as well as a belt pouch and a stereo headset. In addition, Sony Ericsson attaches equal to two CDs with additional applications and software for the data synchronization with the PC.

Data functions
Bluetooth, infrared, or USB cable: When it comes to communicating with other devices, the P900 is flexible. The browser represents “real” websites in an emergency. Really enjoyable: The extensive settings Aria for WAP-browser, email client, or multimedia messaging (MMS) shortens the Autokonfigurator, the under our site accessible from the home page. When receiving data, the P900 53.6 (GPRS) creates or 28.8 kbit/s (HSCSD), shipping are clear it with 13.4 (GPRS) and 14.4 (HSCSD) less – with correspondingly longer transmission life when sending emails.

Equipment: PDA Functions

The P900 has what it takes to replace a PDA. The Organizer functions are great with MS Outlook and take advantage of the large touch screen.

The calendar works clearly also in the month view. Dates can be located along with duration record – at mobile organizers doesn’t go without saying. The data synchronization with Outlook worked in the test.

In about five minutes, we bypassed 1,000 contacts via a USB cable on the P900. Only around 250 KB took the comprehensive address data consuming memory. The twenty fields with two complete postal addresses are on hand to ensure that no information is lost.

In addition to sticky notes that you write via mobile phone keypad, virtual QWERTY keyboard or handwriting recognition, you can draw small sketches directly on the touch screen and store complete with text notes, and send it as email or MMS.

The handwriting recognition works pretty reliably and is fairly generous compared with spelling variants. We felt the poking around on the arg but small virtual keyboard as very strenuous. Thanks to airplane mode you can work also with PDA functions, where cell phones are actually prohibited.

So that you can at least read along the way file attachments, Sony Ericsson has equipped the P900 with a viewer function. The most common file formats (Word, Excel, power point, PDF documents) can be opened so that – however do not change.

Small drawback: the data cable is firmly connected to the docking station. Who wants to connect the P900 wired so go with the notebook, need to pack them.

Practice: Large Chunks Of Less Plastic

The extensive equipment takes your toll: the smart phone looks pretty clunky compared with an average phone.

Facts & figures
The P900 is slightly thinner than its predecessor P800 with 115 x 59 x 25 mm size, and 158 grams. But also the new smart phone isn’t really handy and easy. One reason: Sony Ericsson the P900 a heavy battery will give up on the path, which according to last long: according to manufacturer 480 hours in stand-by mode and 16 hours for the call. In the test, the smart phone at maximum transmitter power made a continuous talk of four hours and 52 minutes! Another advantage of large dimensions: the housing accommodates a 40 x 62 mm large display with a resolution of 208 x 320 mm and 65,536 colors.
The manufacturer’s recommended price: 800 euro.

The processing satisfies in contrast to its predecessor, the price range. The keyboard has significantly improved Sony Ericsson. The somewhat narrow buttons respond reliably and with a clear pressure point. The five way JogDial, which can rotate, push and slide forward and back, the user must get used to something. The PIN for the P800 still a short piece of plastic that little confidence was hooked on the side, is now up in the case, has weight properly and is long enough to lie comfortably in the hand.Touch screen reliably with your thumb to operate the, the icons and menu items are a little small.

Who knows the P800: in the menu there are hardly changes. If you go via jog-dial or PIN in the menu, is up to you. The main menu is really extensive, with the most important functions are easily accessible above on the display. The comprehensive settings menu was clearly placed under “Control Panel”.

In the sound test, the P900 left a good impression. On the phone, the caller sounds very natural, the volume is sufficient even in very noisy situations, the usual noise on the line is hard to hear in the P900. In the conversation partner on a landline, the sound quality was somewhat worse. There many drop-outs here, if the integrated handsfree was enabled. The handsfree sounds on the phone in turn good, at high volume, the sound distorted anything.

Verdict: Worthwhile Investment

800 euros are a proud price for a mobile phone. But who professionally uses the device, Sony Ericsson’s Super-phone can bring quite profit which – because it’s more productive mobile working.

But the P900 is more than a Work unit: Java engine for game downloads, MP3 player and the digital camera, which records and videos, on the go provide entertainment.

The PDA functions are well integrated and work seamlessly with Outlook. The Touch screeneasier entering text clear, especially compared to a conventional mobile phone keypad.

Compared to its predecessor, the P900 is more robust and better handles the short plastic stub for the touch screen has been replaced by a solid pen.