Smart Bra

Technology is constantly evolving and because very often we witness a variety of discoveries, including those which seem to be too distant and strange.

Along with strange inventions there are those that arouse great interest among consumers and actually have really helpful. Microsoft created a smart bra-it can detect stress and you report it, say the inventors.

The new bra has integrated electro-dermal sensors, gyroscope, accelerometer, ECG, and the invention follow what the activity of the heart and skin. Thus he recognizes the different moods that experienced lady who wears it.

The purpose of Janesportsbra who creates smart running bra was to invent technology that can help prevent stress from sports.

The information obtained from the bra is sent to the smartphone. It is a special application on the smartphone, which will give us a signal and warns-when we can overdo the food because of the many raging emotions.


Researchers believe that this new “smart” bra is extremely invention and will be truly useful, because through it can be done elektrokardiorgama that is closest to the heart.

Experts say that a far more difficult task has to create such underwear for men as sensors it will be a far cry from the heart.

Tests of the new product lasted four days-six hours a day. The sensors, which are located in underwear need charging every 3 to 4 hours, remind inventors.

Technology that can be used many dressed to monitor health. Some time ago the market was launched another type of bra that cares about us as a reminder that you should regularly walk reviewed for breast cancer .

It connects with the social network Twitter every time you unbutton. Researchers called twitter-bra argue that its purpose is to encourage women are more likely to visit a specialist to make sure that they are healthy.