Sleeping Bag Accessories

Accessories For Sleeping More Comfortable.

This is a must to sleep comfortably.

-Sleeping pad. Sleeping pads are a must for not cold from the hill to steal your warmth.

-Bed linen bag. Everyone should use linen bag, sleeping bag will last much longer and it increases the comfort temperature.

-Sleeping bag covers. Are you going to sleep without tents in summer or in winter snöhål will help you a sleeping bag covers to keep you dry. Especially important in winter.

This is the accessories that increase comfort.

-Pillow. A pillow is never wrong if you want their beauty sleep. Lucky pads are lightweight and small during shipping. But the incredible beauty of the night.

-Mosquito nets. Mosquito nets come in different sizes and designs. There are custom-made mosquito nets for sleeping bags that fits snugly around the chest. Many nights have been saved by using mosquito nets.

In Kontrollis

-Check the interior length? Does it fit your body? The lengths reported on the sleeping bags that person length. Common lengths are 180, 195 and 215 cm.

-Are you big and strong and likes to curl up in the sleeping bag, then maybe you will value an extra wide sleeping bag like Helsport Alta Wide.

-Is the sleeping bag equipped with two-way zipper so you can open down at your feet? Then the sleeping bag is also used as a blanket and you can connect two sleeping bags if they have a zipper on each side. The concept of the R and L stands for Right and Left, and indicates which side zipper sits on when you lie on your back in the sleeping bag.

-Is the sleeping bag warm enough? Remember to have a little warmer sleeping bag than you need to have a small safety margin.