Skirts That Make Your Hips Look Bigger

“Skaaaat ….. I have a go ‘ in the ass here skirt (… dress … pants …)?”

I don’t know if it’s just something you read about in women’s magazines that we women are asking our better half about, or whether there actually is someone who asks. I’ve certainly never even asked, in all seriousness. Probably mostly because I still would not trust the answer.

On the other hand, I have occasionally received confirmation that it has I. A go ‘ ass in the dress. And other times I know perfectly well that I have not. Those times I don’t really hear any comments about my buttocks, and I use the dress anyway because it has some other details, I like.

Once I have stood a whole afternoon together with 2 girlfriends and compared our butts in different skirts. And been dead thumping honest. Without being acidic.

We were in turn to take pictures for our then-brand new website where we had to sell our own back then brand new fashion label.

The funny thing was that even if all nederdelene were created from the same basic pattern, then sat the far differently to us. That is why we began to jump in them all one by one – to see what for a skirt that sat best on whom. Or in other words: who had the best ass in the skirt, so that we could have taken some decent images that would give other want to buy nederdelene.

For some reason, I have saved the best pictures of myself. I’m not sure it’s the best skirts to my backside, but how come it to look like:

Whether it is due to my buttocks, to the clothing brand still was not so successful as we had hoped for, I don’t know (I guess it now).

But it is a little interesting that the various skirts sat so differently to us. And it may explain why the good ass just is not always so straightforward to get forward.

The reason why the vehicle sits differently, is a mixture of the pattern, fabric and design. The 3 parts have approximately equal influence on the look and fit.

How the vehicle sits, depends on how much stretch, there is in substance and how it draperer (i.e. how it falls and how it moves).

It will also depend on what for some sections is used. Where the seams are sitting, how much distance there is added to, and where it is added to the at.

And then, of course, the actual pattern – if it fits to the body, if the clothes are in balance and whether there is the necessary movable gauge in it.

But what needs to be looked into in order to get a good ass?

Other than a proper (plenty) squats and a healthy diet?

There must be an interaction between the fabric, design and pattern.

In order to achieve it, thedressexplorer advises:

  1. pay attention to what average who dress you.
  2. notice to which substances falling nicely around your body, and which causes you to be flattened and shapeless.
  3. look for patterns and clothing that meets your requirements for average, and buy fabric that meets your requirements to draperings ability.

So it is not necessarily your buttocks, it is mad with. It is much more likely that it’s just not just vehicle to suit you. Fortunately, for it is somewhat easier to change clothes than to switch backside.